Moscow’s jails overwhelmed with detained Navalny protesters

first_imgMOSCOW (AP) — Detainees are recounting their miserable experiences as Moscow jails were overwhelmed following mass arrests from protests in support of opposition leader Alexei Navalny this week. Advocates for prisoners and detainees said Moscow simply could not handle the hundreds of protesters reported to have been convicted for misdemeanor offenses. Detainees described waiting for hours in police vehicles without access to food, water or toilets before they were taken to overcrowded jail cells, where there was little regard for coronavirus precautions. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said there were more detainees than Moscow detention centers could swiftly process, but he blamed the problem on the protesters themselves.last_img read more

Black Queens to face Burkinabes in Africa qualifiers

first_imgGhana will attempt to make up for the past failure as the Black Queens draw Burkina Faso in the qualifying for the 2014 Africa Women Championship.The Black Queens who for the first time missed out of the Championship last year will travel to Ouagadougou for the first leg qualifier of the first round.The first leg matches will be between 13-15 February 2014 with the return games fixed for 28 February – 2 March 2014.Twenty-two teams will be involved in the first round qualifiers and the aggregate winners will advance to the second round stage where they will be joined by Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea and South Africa, who all drew a bye.Namibia will host the eight-nation Championship.last_img read more

Streamline Your Film or Video Project with an Assistant Editor

first_imgIn this post-production guide, we take a look at maximizing your investment in an assistant editor for your film or video project.For many editors, it can be hard to admit when they need help. However, if you’ve been editing long enough, you know just what you can accomplish in a day — and just how many sleepless nights you can string together — before you have to reach out for additional support.I came up as an assistant editor when I was first starting out, so I can tell you that there are people who can help. As long as they’re duly compensated, and you give them the means to advance their careers, an assistant editor can be a great investment — and a huge help when you’re truly bogged down on an edit.So here are some tips and tricks for streamlining your workflow with an assistant editor.1. Finding Assistant EditorsSpeaking from experience (on both ends of this professional relationship), I’ve found that it’s equally difficult to find work as an assistant editor as it is to find a good assistant editor when you’re looking for one.Your best bet is to connect with some sort of community or institution with a younger, eager pipeline of editors who are fresh enough to have the availability and hungry enough to find new projects to grow their careers.I’d recommend reaching out to nearby universities with film or RTVF programs — or connecting with local filmmaking communities, which might offer internships or job placement programs.2. Clear Project DescriptionWhen you do reach out to any of these resources (or post on job boards), it’s important to define your project and its scope. If your project is difficult to understand, no assistant editor will even know if they want to be involved.A good posting for an assistant editor should lay out what the project is and what the workload will entail — along with a schedule or timeline, what NLE or other platforms they need to use, and anything else you’ll need from them.3. Pay Them for Their WorkThis is the most important rule; ignore it at your own peril — and prepare for very few inquiries and poor results. You might even find yourself called out in film communities for exploiting young editors.Assistant editor rates vary pretty wildly across regions — and according to the individual job specifications. Even if you’re on the most bare-bones budget, try to find a way to compensate your assistant editors at a rate that would be fair to you. Don’t just leverage connections or “exposure” in exchange for actual compensation.4. Define Project Scope and EndingOnce you outline the project for your assistant editor, the most important piece of information to include is the scope of their role and when the work is due.The last thing an assistant editor wants to get dragged into is an endless project that delays their payment or keeps them from taking on new projects. Sadly, this happens far too often, and it’s often the assistant editors, PAs, and other minor stakeholders who suffer the most.5. Keep Communication OpenKeep a line of communication with your assistant editor open at all times. If they are just starting off, they may have more questions than you’re used to answering. If you’re truly hiring an assistant and not a co-editor, you should expect to give as much information, advice, and mentorship as it takes to get the job done.And remember — just because you know a project well (especially if it’s one you shot or have been involved with for some time), it doesn’t mean that the big picture is immediately clear to someone just joining the effort. Take some time, and pay things forward.Cover image via KORNBURUT WORADEE.For more freelance and video editing advice and resources, check out some of these articles.How to Organize a Feature Film Edit Like a ProWhat We Can Learn from Editing with the Coen BrothersThe Editor of Green Book Offers Insight into the Art of Balance6 Great Websites for Finding Video Editing Jobs5 Ways to Sharpen Your Film and Video Editing Perspectivelast_img read more

The Best Video Editing Programs: Final Cut Pro vs. Premiere Pro

first_imgAdobe Premiere Pro — $52.99 per MonthAdobe Premiere Pro: Pros and ConsAdobe’s Premiere Pro has pretty much solidified itself in the realm of indie filmmaking as the preferred tool for video editors. Most post houses and small production studios either rely on Avid Media Composer or Premiere.It’s a program that’s easy to learn, yet hard to master. A beginner could drop some clips on a timeline and figure out an export in just a few days, but when it comes to the more complicated maneuvers in this NLE, it takes a little bit more knowhow compared to Final Cut. So what are the best things that Premiere has to offer?+: Excellent Organization and Timeline LayoutPremiere Pro: OrganizationAs someone who learned NLE layouts and workflows from Final Cut 7 way back in 2010, this timeline is comfortable and familiar. It magnetizes when you need it, and lets you space out clips when you don’t. The flexibility of the timeline is also a huge plus for the program — it can handle a project with just one video and audio layer, but can also manage twenty-layer timeline projects.The asset organization in Premiere is one of my favorite parts of the software. The bin organization structure is very clear and concise. It dutifully holds a feature’s worth of clips in color-coded bins that transfer to the timeline with a simple drag.+ : Integration with Motion Graphics Software (After Effects)Premiere Pro and After EffectsPremiere comes with integration with After Effects, its companion motion graphics software. If you need to build out a motion graphic that’s beyond the scope of a normal NLE, there’s a simple linking tool within Premiere to automatically create a new AE sequence within your timeline.After Effects is arguably the top program for motion graphics and animation within the industry, so Premiere has a pretty big advantage with the ability to link to it.+ : Versatile ScalabilityPremiere Pro and VersatilityOut of all of the NLE’s available on the market today, in my opinion Premiere has the best UX for constant scalability through an editor’s growth timeline. As a beginner you can maneuver your way through the program without too much hassle. Then, as you grow into a better editor, more functions and tools are there for you to scale up your projects from a small two-minute short film to a 120 minute documentary feature with hundreds of hours worth of footage.– : Frequent Program Drops and CrashesPremiere Pro: Frequent Program CrashesOnto the gripes of the program. Premiere users are unfortunately familiar with the frequent program drops and crashes. Even when working on a laptop or a computer that’s moderately powerful, I’ve had plenty of issues with the program freezing during a crucial edit, which in turn crashes the program. Premiere has done some work over the years to remedy this problem, but it still happens much more frequently in Premiere compared to all the other NLEs on the market.– : Clip Freezing When Previewing/Rendering ProblemsPremiere Pro: Clip FreezingOne of the main issues with Premiere I’ve had over the years is the constant issue of video previews freezing up or skipping frames. When working with high caliber clips such as 4K or RAW formats, it’s almost a certainty that you have to cut down the preview quality of the video by at least half or a fourth to get it to play normally (unless you are working on a monster PC or Mac). This also happens on the timeline from time to time if you’re working with different layers of color grading or effects. It’s one of the most common complaints about the program. With other programs such as Final Cut and Resolve that have lossless playback, it’s time for Premiere to catch up to the competition.Final Cut — $299Final Cut: Pros and ConsFinal Cut has been either sitting comfortably on the top of the industry standard or slumped down in the lower rungs for the past two decades. When Final Cut 7 was released in 2007 to compete with Avid Media Composer, it quickly became the indie darling NLE. It was even used as the chosen NLE for the Coen Brother’s production of True Grit.When I started out in my editing career way back in 2008, I first learned non-linear editing through Final Cut 7. But, in 2011, Apple execs made a bold choice. They released Final Cut X, which at the time cut out a lot of the features and recognizable UX that Final Cut 7 offered in the name of “innovation.” This angered a lot of editors, who suddenly and loudly moved over to Premiere to do their editing. Over the past decade, Apple put in a lot of work to try and grab back their corner of the market share. That appempt has mostly been successful.Let’s go into what the current iteration of Final Cut has to offer you, as well as its drawbacks.+ : Seamless Video PlaybackFinal Cut: Seamless PlaybackThis to me is one of the clear advantages Final Cut has over Premiere. I’ve never had a problem with clear video playback within the software. Even when working with big 4K clips, it’s always played back for me as clear as day.In this same vein, Final Cut X never presented an overwhelming crashing problem to me. Granted, I’ve never done large-scale projects within the editor, but in a completely subjective manner, I approve of its ability to handle heavy duty work.+ : Excellent at Getting a Project Out FastFinal Cut: SpeedOne of the biggest draws to Final Cut is its ability to get a project in and out in a very short amount of time. The simple design clearly lays out the project for you in a very approachable manner, and lets you crank out one-minute social cuts in a matter of hours. This is also thanks to its drag-and-drop effects that you can preview and load in just a matter of seconds.+ / – : Extremely Simple UX(Too?) Simple UXOur first plus and minus of the list comes from Final Cut’s extremely simple design.For editors coming from iMovie who are looking for more features, it’s a seamless step up into the professional editing realm. But, for seasoned editors who have been working in Premiere and Avid Media Composer, the simplistic design is almost limiting. When you are comfortable with the timeline of other NLEs, Final Cut is a radical jump from any other in the market. Its magnetic timeline is confusing for editors who like to organize different sections on the timeline in their own specific way.– : Disorganized Media StorageFinal Cut: Disorganized StorageMy biggest gripe with the Final Cut design is how they set up their bin layout for clip storage. Coming from someone who is more comfortable organizing their clips into individual bins, the “Project” and “Event” tabs are a clear step in a different direction from other NLEs. It may be comfortable to some editors, but from someone who likes a “traditional” layout, it just doesn’t cut it.So, Which One Should You Pick?Choosing the Right One for YouSo obviously, this is going to come down to personal preference when deciding between the two. Are you a new editor who prefers a simple layout that can perform pro functions without too much hassle? Then Final Cut may be your choice. Are you a seasoned editor who wants a traditional NLE with the backing power of the Adobe Suite? Then Premiere is a solid bet.The only way you can really get to know both programs is actually editing a project in both. It will become pretty apparent to you which one is a better fit for your workflow. Both programs allow a trial period (Adobe/Final Cut), so if you have a Mac, give ’em both a shot. You might be surprised with which one becomes your favorite.Do you have a PC, or do both of these sound unappealing? Well, check out all the other options you have on the market.Top image via Artem Furman.Want more on choosing the right NLE for you? Check these out.Artificial Intelligence and the World of Motion DesignWhy You Should Wait to Download Your NLE’s Beta ReleaseTop Alternatives to Premiere Pro in 2019 — Free and PaidWhy Adobe Doesn’t Want You Using Older Versions of CCNLE Showdown: DaVinci Resolve vs. Adobe Premiere Pro — Processing Power Final Cut and Premiere Pro have been battling for the top spot in editors’ hearts for the past decade. Which one best suits your needs?It’s been the subject of heated bar debates and post-production meetups since the advent of the two programs — Final Cut or Premiere? Both Mac-heads and die-hard Adobe fans have battled it out for the better part of two decades with this argument. The top market share position has ebbed and flowed between both programs due to updates on both sides of the aisle, and frequent shifts in what editors prefer at the time.While the market share has lost its majority to NLE’s such as DaVinci Resolve and the industry titan Avid Media Composer, the overwhelming choice for your common editor will boil down to Adobe Premiere and Final Cut.But who is right? Who is wrong? Well, as with all choices, it matters on what you use it for. Today, we are going to take a dive into each program, what strengths they have to offer, as well as the weaknesses they present. Let’s dive in!last_img read more

Thunder hold off Australia’s Melbourne United

first_imgLOOK: Loisa Andalio, Ronnie Alonte unwind in Amanpulo for 3rd anniversary Melbourne United center Majok Majok (22), left, and Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook, right, reach for a loose ball in the first quarter of an NBA preseason basketball game in Oklahoma City. APOKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma City Thunder needed a big defensive stand to hold off Melbourne United.Josh Huestis had two massive blocked shots in the final seconds to help the star-studded Thunder escape with an 86-85 exhibition victory Sunday (Monday Manila time).ADVERTISEMENT “To have the opportunity to play one of the best teams in the world and to know that our league can challenge those best teams in the world — it does a lot for our reputation in the league and it does a lot for our club’s reputation,” Vickerman said. Read Next Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Nonong Araneta re-elected as PFF president Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC LATEST STORIES Fire hits houses in Mandaluyong City After winless season, McIlroy plots return to top of golf NBA: Kawhi, George seek more for Clippers than beating Lakers PLAY LIST 01:48NBA: Kawhi, George seek more for Clippers than beating Lakers00:50Trending Articles01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:37Protesters burn down Iran consulate in Najaf01:47Panelo casts doubts on Robredo’s drug war ‘discoveries’01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games Frontrow holds fun run to raise funds for young cancer patients  View comments BSP sees higher prices in November, but expects stronger peso, low rice costs to put up fight Kammuri turning to super typhoon less likely but possible — Pagasa MOST READ Melbourne, an Australian team, also was up against a time adjustment.“I know most of the guys couldn’t really get a good sleeping pattern, including myself,” Prather said. “My legs are a bit fatigued, but once you come to a game like this, you know all the adrenaline going and the energy to get going, so you know, we really don’t feel it too much.”Oklahoma City’s stars shot poorly. George had 22 points on 5-for-17 shooting, Anthony scored 19 points on 6-for-19 shooting and Westbrook was limited to nine points, going 3 for 10.“I was pretty impressed by the statistics that we held some people to,” Vickerman said. “For us, because we’re a little bit smaller, we try to fight through everything, and I guess that maintained some pressure on them rather than when you switch, there’s a little more separation.”Ware made a 3-pointer to tie the score at 80 but the Thunder responded with a 6-0 run that gave them the cushion to hold on.ADVERTISEMENT Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH Huestis blocked Josh Boone’s shot out of bounds, then blocked Casey Prather’s shot to clinch the win.Melbourne coach Dean Vickerman said he was proud of the way his team played against the All-Star trio of Russell Westbrook, Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. Melbourne withstood a run by the Thunder with their stars in the game in the third quarter and made it competitive down the stretch.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutout“I felt coming into the half that they were really going to try to make a run with their best group,” Vickerman said. “We weathered that storm, and they had to keep some of those best players coming back to win the game.”Casper Ware Jr. scored 20 points, Boone added 15 and Prather had 11 points and 10 rebounds for Melbourne, a member of the Australia and New Zealand-based National Basketball League.last_img read more

Seventh wonder

first_imgSvelte, powerful, flexible… The A7, the latest machine from the Audi, is all set to make heads turn on Indian roads and highways.After having seen the A7 at its world premiere a few months back we were eagerly looking forward to driving the car, the opportunity for which we got at the beautiful Italian island of Sardinia. Having driven around Sardinia extensively earlier I couldn’t help but wonder how this rather large car, which will take on the Mercedes CLS in India, would manage on the narrow hilly roads of this rocky island.Before getting to that, it was a tough choice on the variants of the car to drive. The car comes with four V6 engines–two diesels and two petrols. The diesel engines are both absolutely new with 3-litre displacement each, there is a 2.8-litre FSI petrol engine and a 3-litre TFSI motor. While the 3-litre TDIs and the 2.8 FSI, engines are available with FWD (front wheel drive) cars and an 8-speed multi-tronic (CVT) gearbox, the other two engines are available with quattro (4WD) variants with the 7-speed S-tronic (dual clutch in Audi parlance). I choose to begin my drive with the 3.0 TDI quattro, which, like the other variants, turns out to be a technological variant. Audi introduced many new technologies on its flagship, the A8, but it has now gone even further on the technology front with the A7.The A7 features the Start-Stop technology on all its variants and includes a superior park assist option which parallel and perpendicularly parks for you, even in tight situations.advertisementTo drive, the car is superbly agile, thanks to its new electromechanical steering, the quick shifting S-tronic gearbox and the sport differential.On the narrow roads of Sardinia the car is easy to manoeuvre. Braking is superb as we discovered when a fiery Italian woman in a red Italian car came down the wrong side of the road, around a corner. Thanks to the great brakes we just about managed to avoid hitting the speeding Italians.The new 3-litre petrol engine feels like a new generation diesel powerplant. It offers the benefits of both a diesel engine in terms of low-end torque and petrol engines in terms of top-end whack. Although I did not get to drive any of the FWD variants, the multi-tronic gearbox works well. Both the engines with the FWD variants are super efficient and feature a number of fuel consumption reduction technologies.I specially liked the advanced safety systems like Audi pre-safe and active lane assist, which work to keep you from colliding. Also great was the large speed limit warning on the car’s twin pod instrument panel.The new five-door touring coupe from Audi features most of the technologies seen on the A8, and more. It is meant to combine the elegant looks of a coupe with the flexibility of an Audi Avant or an estate and the features and comforts of the flagship A8. Engine development is also at its peak in the A7, and with new modules like the steering, the car is not only luxurious and feature filled but sporty as well. Price: Rs. 65-75 lakh (approx)On the road: From Chandigarh to JaipurAt Auto Bild India, we love road trips. It serves two purposes. Firstly, it lets us drive a lot, which is less of a profession and more of a passion for all of us here. And second, we get to see new places. That is exactly what we did on the Drive to Discover tour organised by Honda. The drive started from Chandigarh and we hoped to reach Corbett National Park by sundown. Alas, Indian highways have a funny way of upsetting even the best laid plans, especially if they’re working in conjunction with monsoons as furious as the one we saw last month. So, by the time we had turned off the national highway onto State Highway 1, the road had virtually disappeared.After much manoeuvring around the various obstacles that the roads threw our way, we managed to get back on to the national highway en route to Sarsawa and on to Haridwar, our next stopover. Just a few kilometres ahead of Har ki Pauri (the principal bathing ghat in the pilgrim city) we saw the mighty Ganga in full flow. We finally halted at Ramnagar, close to Corbett.The following day we headed for the Dhangari gate, one of five of Corbett’s main gates. But to get there we would have to pass a section that is best described as an off-road section. The plan was to cross Corbett and then carry on to Bharatpur before calling it a day.advertisementOn the third and our last day we explored Bharatpur’s bird sanctuary before heading off to Ranthambhore. Rajasthan’s roads were brilliant and we made good time but past Ranthambhore we again found roads that had been mauled by the rains. Soon we were forced to take a detour. By the time we reached Jaipur we were exhausted but our wanderlust had been satiated.–Rahul GhoshYamaha SZThe Yamaha SZ is the Japanese bike maker’s attempt at grabbing a piece of the pie that is the entry level 150 cc motorcycle segment. For this new motorcycle, Yamaha has used the 153 cc engine from its FZ range of bikes. This engine is blessed with an impressive low and mid range performance, and doesn’t require too much downshifting to make meaningful progress. Indeed one can potter around the city in top gear, courtesy the bike’s maximum torque being developed at a relatively low 4500 rpm. However if shifting is required then it’s not too much of a hassle because the gearbox is not only precise but is also slick shifting. The SZ is light on its feet and changes directions quickly. The seat is comfy and most buyers wouldn’t mind the hint of sportiness in the riding stance. The ride quality is well sorted and the bike remains comfortable to ride throughout. What is commendable is that despite returning a good ride quality the bike remains an able handler; it does not feel unsettled under cornering and at the same time stays stable in a straight line. Price Rs. 52,000, ex-showroom Delhi.–Abhishek Saksenalast_img read more

SL vs NZ: Sri Lanka beat New Zealand, enter World Cup finals

first_imgSri Lanka beat New Zealand by five wickets in the first semi-final of the World Cup at the R Premadasa Stadium in Colombo on Tuesday. Live scoreThe Sri Lankans would have liked to see Upul Tharanga and Tillakaratne Dilshan do a repeat of what they had done against England in the quarter-finals, where the two had remained unbeaten till the end, but it wasn’t the case to be.Kiwi pacer Tim Southee struck early in the seventh over to dismiss Tharanga on 30 with Jesse Ryder taking a fine catch at point. Sri Lanka lost their first wicket on 40.Post that wicket Sri Lanka skipper Kumar Sangakkara and opener Tillakaratne Dilshan got on with a partnership putting 120 runs on board. They were cruising along until Southee came around and scalped Dilshan on 73 with Ryder again performing the final honours. Sri Lanka were 160/2 at the stage.No sooner had Dilshan departed that Mahela Jayawardene fell and Sri Lanka had added just one more run before this dismissal. Soon Sangakkara too was seen walking back on 54 with Andy McKay claiming him when the Lanka total was 169/4.Finally, Thilan Samaraweera and Angelo Mathews helped their reach home with 22/5 on board. Samaraweera scored the winning run hitting a four in the 48th over.   New Zealand innings Earlier, New Zealand paltry 217 against Sri Lanka after their skipper Daniel Vettori elected to bat.Sri Lanka wanted early inroads and they got what they had desired with left-arm spinner Rangana Herath claiming opener Brendon McCullum with his quicker ball that took away his off stump on 32/1 on the first ball of the 8th over.  advertisementPost that fall, the other opener Martin Guptill and Jesse Ryder got on with a partnership trying to thwart the Sri Lanka bowlers. But, they could not survive for as as veteran offie Muttiah Muralitharan got Ryder on 19 to reduced the Kiwis to 69/2. It was the extra bounce that saw him edge the ball to keeper Kumar Sangakkara.There was more to come as Sri Lanka ‘slinger’ Lasith Malinga bowled Martin Guptill out in the 22nd over when the score was 84. He fell for 39 as the Kiwis lost their third wicket.  Finally, Ross taylor and Scott Styris forged a 77-run fourth wicket stand to help the Kiwis cross 150-rum mark. However, on the first ball of the 40th over ‘mystery spinner’ Ajantha Mendis got better of Taylor to break their stand even as the Kiwis lost their fourth wicket on 161/4. He was caught in the deep mid-wicket by Upul Tharanga on 36.New man Kane Williamson too could not stay at the crease for long and a straight one from Lasith Malinga trapped him leg-before on his individual score of 22. The Kiwis fell to 195/5 in 43.3 overs.Malinga came back to send Nathan McCullum packing on the first ball of the 46th over and Kiwis were down to 204/6.Then Muralitharan had the man the Lankans wanted the most. His ball trapped Scott Styris on the pads and the batsman went for the review, but failed to get any life and was forced to walk back on 57. The Kiwis lost their seventh wicket on 213 on the last ball of the 47th over.Another wicket and Kiwis were down to eight. This time it was Tillakaratne Dilshan who came to the fore scalping Jacob Oram to reduce the Kiwis to 215/8.With the tail-enders out in the midle things became rather easy for the Lankans, who wrapped up the New Zealander on a partly 217 with seven balls to spare. Teams:  Sri Lanka: Upul Tharanga, Tillakaratne Dilshan, Kumar Sangakkara(w/c), Mahela Jayawardene, Chamara Silva, Thilan Samaraweera, Angelo Mathews, Lasith Malinga, Ajantha Mendis, Muttiah Muralitharan, Rangana Herath New Zealand: Martin Guptill, Brendon McCullum(w), Jesse Ryder, Ross Taylor, Scott Styris, Kane Williamson, Daniel Vettori(c), Nathan McCullum, Jacob Oram, Tim Southee, Andy McKaylast_img read more


first_imgPhotographs taken by Sporting Images at the 2004 School Sport Australia Touch Championships, will be available for viewing at from Friday November 5th. Please contact Sporting Images for all enquiries. The 2004 School Sport Championships have dominated touch news in the last week. All stories have been archived from the ATA homepage but can be viewed under the `National Youth Events’ link. This link can be found by using `Tournaments’ on the left hand side of the homepage and then clicking on National Youth Events or by using the link SCHOOL SPORT CHAMPIONSHIPS LINK and clicking on 2004.last_img

Stephen Hawking Hosts First Ever reddit AMA

first_imgWhile advances in artificial intelligence are poised to solve some of humankind’s most difficult problems, iconic theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking cautions that the technology could spell the end of the human race if left unchecked.Nokia & WIRED Announce First Ever reddit AMA With Stephen HawkingHawking is an early adopter of communications technology — a primitive form of AI — but he fears the consequences of machines that could supersede humans.“We must build safeguards into AI research and development to be sure that we use it for beneficial purposes versus it controlling us,” Hawking said.Along with tech luminaries Elon Musk and Bill Gates, Hawking signed an open letter earlier this year imploring researchers to balance the benefits of AI with the risks. The letter acknowledges that AI innovations could help eradicate disease and poverty, but it puts the onus on scientists on the front lines of artificial intelligence R&D to keep the human factor front and center in their research.Hawking plans to discuss his concerns about AI and answer questions on other topics in his first ever reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA), as part of the Nokia & WIRED #maketechhuman initiative.“The #maketechhuman debate that Nokia has enabled is all about ensuring that technology serves humanity, in the right way,” said Barry French, Chief Marketing Officer, Nokia. “I cannot imagine a better person to add value to this discussion than Professor Hawking. Nokia is honored, and I am personally honored, by the fact that he will join us on his first ever reddit Ask Me Anything conversation.”The AMA will take place over several days, which is a first for reddit. Hawking will be accepting questions from Monday, July 27 through Tuesday, August 4 at and will provide answers in the next few weeks.For more information on the AMA and #maketechhuman, visit WIRED & Nokia first launched the initiative back in March with an AMA hosted by World Wide Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee.last_img read more

Depth Chart Week 3 at Oklahoma

WLB33 Dante BookerOR48 Joe Burger47 Justin HilliardJr.Rs. Sr.Rs. Fr. CB8 Gareon Conley3 Damon ArnetteRs. Jr.Rs. Fr. LS49 Liam McCullough44 Aaron MawhirterRs. Fr.Sr. Week 3 defense at Oklahoma PR2 Dontre WilsonOR5 Corey SmithOR4 Curtis SamuelSr.Rs. Sr.Jr. C65 Pat Elflein79 Brady TaylorRs. Sr.Rs. So. TE85 Marcus Baugh88 A.J. AlexanderRs. Jr.Rs. Fr. SAF24 Malik Hooker34 Erick SmithRs. So.Jr. SAF7 Damon Webb4 Jordan FullerJr.Fr. WR5 Corey SmithOR1 Johnnie DixonRs. Sr.Rs. So. DE6 Sam Hubbard            OR11 Jayln Holmes          97 Nick Bosa     Rs. So.Jr.Fr. P95 Cameron JohnstonSr. WR-Z83 Terry McLaurinOR82 James Clark9 Binjimen VictorRs. So.Rs. Jr.Fr. RB25 Mike WeberOR4 Curtis Samuel2 Dontre WilsonRs. Fr.Jr.Sr. RT59 Isaiah Prince76 Branden BowenSo.Rs. Fr. H-Back4 Curtis SamuelOR2 Dontre WilsonJr.Sr. CB2 Marshon LattimoreOR12 Denzel WardRs. So.So. K92 Tyler Durbin96 Sean NuernbergerSr.Jr. QB16 J.T. Barrett10 Joe  BurrowRs. Jr.Rs. Fr. Week Two special teams versus Tulsa LT  74 Jamarco Jones75 Evan LisleOR63 Kevin WoidkeJr.Rs. Jr.So. KR2 Dontre WilsonOR82 James ClarkOR1 Johnnie DixonSr.Rs. Jr.Rs. So. DT77 Michael Hill             67 Robert Landers       Rs. Jr.Fr. RG54 Billy Price78 Demetrius KnoxRs. Jr.Rs. So. The third-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes head to Norman, Oklahoma, this week for the pre-conference showdown of the year against the No. 14 Oklahoma Sooners.On Tuesday, OSU released its Week 3 depth chart. Redshirt sophomore linebacker Dante Booker sat out last game versus Tulsa, but Meyer said on Monday that he is probable to play.Week 3 offense at Oklahoma MLB5 Raekwon McMillan38 Craig FadaJr.Rs. Sr. WR-X80 Noah BrownOR21 Parris Campbell11 Austin MackRs. So.Rs. So.Fr. LG73 Michael Jordan69 Matthew BurrellFr.Rs. Fr. DT86 Dre’Mont JonesOR53 Davon Hamilton      Rs. Fr.Rs. Fr. DE59 Tyquan Lewis13 Rashod Berry18 Jonathan CooperRs. Jr.Rs. Fr.Fr. SLB35 Chris Worley17 Jerome BakerRs. Jr.Rs. Fr. read more