Xining 5 billion 300 million yuan investment to promote the construction of water ecological civiliz

In November 6th, the Ministry of Water Conservancy Commission, the Yellow River Conservancy Commission Water Resources Protection Bureau, the provincial water resources department joint research group consisting of research on Xining city water city construction of ecological civilization pilot work, municipal government deputy mayor Jin Jiuchen in the afternoon held a symposium on research activities. The reporter learned from the forum, since 2014, Xining vigorously promote water ecological civilization city construction pilot work, invested 5 billion 320 million yuan in building effective, let the people see the changes benefit.

I since 2013 by the Ministry of water resources for national water ecological civilization city construction pilot city, closely around the "Ning Fanglve rule, water for the development of the concept of government", give full play to the water ecological civilization city pilot construction of the core role in the creation of a national ecological civilization pilot area in the city, highlighting the plateau landscape geographical features. Actively explore the semi arid plateau water ecosystem construction mode, to adhere to the water ecology of this article. read more

To put into practice the United Front Work

September 26th, Xining new United Front Cadres forum held in the municipal Party school. Su Rong, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee, political and Law Committee Secretary, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, Party Secretary of the United Front Work Department attended the forum, Liu Fade. New United Front Cadres on behalf of the exchange made a speech at the meeting.

Su Rong pointed out at the meeting, leaders of the United Front is a bridge to strengthen ties, ethnic and religious temples and the United Front Department of communication, undertake actively publicize the party’s ethnic and religious policies and laws and regulations, education and guidance of monks patriotism, law-abiding precepts, strengthen the management of Religious Affairs according to law, against hostile forces to split the penetration and other important work task. To the practical work style into the United Front Work of the specific practice, in order to maintain the harmony and stability of Xining to play its due role. read more

Real estate unified registration system reform

reporter learned from the provincial department, since the end of 2013, the national unified registration of immovable property is ready to start work, our province steadily promote the unified registration of immovable property system reform, deploy early, fast action, measures, all kinds of work in the forefront of the country.
the province to establish and improve the unified registration of immovable property mechanism, in February 2014, the provincial land department formulated the "Qinghai Province Construction unified registration of immovable property plan", after extensive consultations in 6 issued to municipalities, state governments, on the guiding ideology, integration method, the establishment of institutions, schedule etc. put forward clear requirements, this work is at the forefront of other provinces.

to lay a solid foundation for the work of the office of land and resources issued the "preparation plan" and "speeding up the collective construction land and homestead in the implementation of the rural cadastral survey (including housing ownership registration certification) implementation plan", and actively implement the subsidy funds, has been implementing provincial subsidies of more than 5600 yuan, earmarked for certification registration of land and land ownership of the rural collective construction. At present, Xining City, Haixi and Haibei field investigation work has basically ended, the rural collective construction land and land ownership registration certification work plan completed by the end of 2015, this work is unique in the country.
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To treat officials strictly for the people

After the political line is determined, the cadre is the determining factor". Xi Jinping, general secretary of the national organization work conference stressed that strict party, the key is to strictly rule officials. Adhere to and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream, we must strictly implement the requirements of the party to focus on strict enforcement". Provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining clearly pointed out that we must strictly manage cadres, strict governance". At present, Xining is at an important period of development, facing the arduous task of reform development and stability, to achieve the provincial government "three zone" strategy and the construction of people’s satisfaction with the life of the city, the city of happiness goal, must be strict management of the officials, high-quality cadres to build a firm conviction, public service, diligent and pragmatic dare to play, clean and honest. The city party committees and governments at all levels and all units and departments must conscientiously implement the requirements of a series of important central and provincial good Yan Zhili, adhere to strict requirements, strict cadre education of cadres, strict management of cadres, to ensure that the Xining political ecology delicate gas is determined cadre ideological purity, solid and excellent work style of cadres. The city’s cadres at all levels must be aware of, enter the ranks of cadres must pay more hard work, accept more stringent constraints, must consciously strict to slim, strict right to exercise self-discipline, do something to be real, to be real entrepreneurs, real man to. read more

The province’s 426 nursing staff were commended

, who has been working in a job for 30 years, means giving all his youth to the profession. In the "5· 12 International Nurses Day" on the eve, Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission of the province’s 426 long-term fight in disease prevention and treatment, nursing age for front-line care workers more than 30 years of recognition, but also for the province’s 220 nursing workers issued "the nursing contribution award".

As an important part of medical and health care, the nursing work of read more

The eastern three implement strong guidance

The day before, the author from the East District thirteen session of the seven plenary Committee was informed that, to maintain a good momentum of rapid development in the first half of the eastern economic society, including GDP, fixed asset investment growth are among the first four key projects; steady implementation of key projects in the planning construction of 140 years, plans to invest 8 billion 479 million yuan, as of at the end of June, the project opening rate of 71.43%, the actual investment of 2 billion 286 million yuan, and the beginning of the development of major economic indicators of the goal of the realization of the double half".

– target forced, adhering to the implementation of. From the second half of the year will "strengthen grassroots construction, strengthen the basic work, improve the basic ability, based on the basic construction, carrying out work, improve the style of work, take practical action to implement the" grasping three, strong bases work requirements, and strive to achieve the mass line education practice and the base construction, leveraging each other advance. To take measures to promote grassroots force. The second half of the year, the East will strengthen the building of grassroots organizations, to guide the completion of the ninth session of the village (neighborhood) committee general election, elected together with excellent Village (neighborhood) committee work team; relying on the development of urban construction projects, the effective integration of resources area units, siting of new public service center and community neighborhood committee office service room, gradually to improve the conditions of grassroots office services. Huimin real policy, improve people’s livelihood first. In the second half, the East has also listed a number of Huimin real policy: pilot to carry out urban and rural minimum integration construction, urban and rural minimum living allowances to achieve consistent standards, management, comprehensive coverage. To carry out social assistance, a type of pilot work to ensure timely assistance to the needy people. Reform and innovation, fine service efficiency. The innovation of government purchasing services, the integration of budget resources, play the role of market mechanism, the labor and employment training, landscaping, sanitation and other originally undertaken by the government as a part of the public services to qualified social organizations, enterprises and institutions to fulfill, basically established a relatively complete system of government procurement of services to the social forces.   read more

Xining wildlife park snow leopard couple’s legendary life

west Metropolis Daily to join the Xining wildlife park for a pair of snow leopard baby name, Xining people to participate in, how a hot! In addition to a high degree of concern snow leopard baby, many people are also the parent of the dragon and Phoenix snow leopard baby Dabao, noisy very interested, want to know about the couple’s legendary life".

October 13th, Xining wild zoo a staff member told reporters that the snow leopard baby daddy lakes called Dabao, according to the age, the prime of life, it is combined with some energy, articulate, good heterosexual love. "Snow Leopard baby" mommy "belongs to the campus Belle", stage name of noisy, typical of the "great lady". If the person’s age, it comes at a time when young, as for the specific number of first-class figure, Christina, on the "beauty", is really a privacy! read more

Wang Guosheng Xining urban planning and construction of the Xining Provincial People’s livelihood to

7 3, provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng pomp, random survey of the Xining city planning and construction. He has come to the beautiful garden in the Lake District, Nanshan Ning Lake Wetland and Phoenix Palace, look at the layout, urban development, ecological management, green landscaping, road drainage, city planning, construction and management of knowledge. Wang Guosheng pointed out that under the leadership of the provincial government, the Xining municipal Party committee and government led the majority of cadres and the masses continue to struggle, the city has undergone great changes. read more

Xining tourism Qingdao Tourism

In November 10th, the reporter from the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau, Xining tourism and Qingdao City, the two "hand", the spirit of "resource sharing, market interaction, information exchange, visitors to send each other, inter city linkage principle, reached a depth of cooperation agreement to strengthen cooperation, promote the development of tourism.It is reported that

Tracking Xining Social Security Bureau the green light reimbursement of hospitalization expenses

Xining evening news on November 15th A03 version of the true feelings of the continuation of the life of the horse…… Once published, caused widespread concern in the community.

Ma Junhua is suffering from uremia late years by peritoneal dialysis to sustain life, up more than 5000 yuan monthly medical expenses, like a mountain have their breath, looking at the huge medical expenses, only one time to borrow from relatives and friends. Due to the high cost of treatment in the hospital, Li Tie learned to do peritoneal dialysis at home to do for their loved ones, but not other costs, only Liquor Dialysisintraperitoneus also spend a lot of money. In October 23rd, Ma Junhua uremia complicated with heart failure, acute peritonitis, in Qinghai Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, first aid, 40 days of hospitalization cost of 10 thousand yuan, because can not afford the huge cost of hospitalization, patients slightly alleviated to midway discharge. read more