How to do a good job in the renovation of fast food franchise stores

investment fast food franchise, it is necessary to do a good job of decoration design. This problem can not be avoided, and the relationship between the larger, so need to be treated with caution. If you want to learn about the store decoration design skills, you can look at the small share of the proposal, I hope you can help, you can not miss the opportunity to learn.

1, building materials, color selection: different materials, colors of the building materials will form different styles. For example, the floor comprises a wood floor, marble, tile, stone, marble hall shine, give a person with gorgeous feeling, wood floor rooms, to give people a warm feeling.

2, sofas, tables and chairs of style and color, will constitute the mainstream style.

3, the style and style of the device, as well as an important part of the product style.

4, decoration (flowers, flowers, paintings, jewelry) will play the role of decoration style.

5 lighting system: normal chandelier, lamp, lamp, lamp, tank emergency lamp, fluorescent lamp, desk lamp, forming omnibearing lighting system consists of a series of lamps. Lighting system will directly affect the overall style of the restaurant.

6, the window window: fast food stores often become the face, the unique design of the window, even hastily passing people will stop watch a. Window design is also an important part of the restaurant store style.

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