College students want to have fun in the entrepreneurial experience

now, college students have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, we have to find their own projects. Zhejiang Forestry University has a group of entrepreneurial students, they do not care about success or failure, just want to make a mood.

today, at the Zhejiang Forestry University to try entrepreneurship students, but there is such a group of people: they participate in business, is not to make money, not to start a career; they just want to use their spare time to do some of their own love can make others happy; they don’t care about entrepreneurial success or failure, only hope to be able to have fun in the business, accumulate some experience……

"sell shrimp is pure trading losses, only a few cents a pack of profit, but expect to allow more students to buy this childhood often eat little food, I am very happy." Bai Yuting told reporters, after continuous publicity, as well as through the introduction of the students, the highest time ever sold 100 packs a day, which also let her feel the entrepreneurial success of happiness.

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