What are the principles of the display of the terminal stores

What are the principles of the

carpet terminal store? Nowadays, the carpet has become the choice of many families, in fact, it also has a very good market prospects. The article describes in detail some of the basic principles, if you are interested, you can refer to the middle of the article analysis.

carpets have become the necessities of the family, many entrepreneurs are optimistic about the market prospects for the development, but many managers do not appear high sales performance, summed up the reason is store display can attract people, market survey shows that as long as the effective display can cause consumers to buy, analysis the principle of display the carpet store terminal, a full range of business opportunities in the new development.

Analysis of the principle of display terminal

for the supermarket or discount stores, and view the high shelves, shelves, centralized customer access at the center position is the ideal display position. To start the promotion to the following positions: most of the crowd in the aisle of the shop, the shelves at both ends of the above, the corner of the wall shelf, next to the cashier.

Analysis of the principle of display terminal

Analysis of some principles of carpet terminal stores need to follow the middle

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