When Dr Shen Lei Tsinghua School entrepreneurship Master founded financial fan

some people are born to make people jealous, they in school performance, in the society is very successful, we can not be successful, but at least to strive for success, there is a student like Tsinghua, his own business, and successful business chiefs, with the view of his entrepreneurial path.

2006, 18 year old Shen Lei left home in Sichuan Mianyang, a Xiamen University Department of electrical and mechanical control technology majors. The seeds of entrepreneurship, from then on germination. Sophomore year, Shen Lei began selling College English magazines and phone cards on campus, but not how to make money.

2010, Shen Lei has been to the Tsinghua University Department of precision instrument professional doctorate walks. Shen Lei’s eyes widened constantly, he began to contact VC, angel investment, entrepreneurial ideal begins to grow arbitrarily.

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