Hangzhou normal university students entrepreneurial team for the development of online shopping trea

entrepreneurship can not be separated from innovation, but innovation is not groundless, must be based on the needs of the market and users. Hangzhou normal university students entrepreneurial team according to the business needs of users, to develop online shopping assistant, the college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition award.

"double eleven" just over ten days, cut the hand of the party who still failed to find the fastest commodity value, high efficiency of Amoy to the most suitable for their own "baby" sorry, but hand chop party do not worry. Recently, Hangzhou Normal University in the first Chinese "Internet plus" College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition on a bronze medal of the project to effectively solve this problem.

small treasure collection bag, online shopping Master intelligent assistant

this gadget can not small, can achieve cross platform "key collection" and unified management of users love baby, reduce the user to jump back and forth to compare the products complex between different platforms, improve the convenience of shopping.

and, in the collection on the basis of independent research and development model from baby sales, business reputation, score and other dimensions are the "commodity purchase index", provide a reference for the quality identification of products, to help users make purchasing decisions.

"later, with the accumulation of data we will also continue to score model was modified to allow online shopping more convenient."   Gu Shumin says

shopping decision service platform Sony

"after the product launch, we will survey tracking users’ comments and feedback, according to user experience, adjust the weighting, achieve" comprehensive and objective index can be purchased." According to Gu Shumin introduction, within a year, the product is expected to reach 500 thousand registered users, about 100 thousand active users. This is not out of the campus, the average age of less than 25 years of entrepreneurial team debut early, won the Alibaba group director Wan Shan Lake University of appreciation and recognition, praised the "this is all good students should state".

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