WeChat marketing content is more important

open micro shop, do WeChat business, the most important thing is to promote natural. However, how to advertise for countless investors is still a problem, especially the micro business a lot, every day in the continuous publicity, the effect is not obvious, even by many of my friends dislike. In fact, WeChat marketing business if you want the effect is more obvious, do a good job is really important content.

There are a lot of

network on how to build up the public number of WeChat after the rise of the so-called skills, tips, if there is any secret, I thought: content is king. I was doing the traditional media, "content is king" has always existed in the media, the traditional media do people know a good contribution strength, so we try every means to hope that the production of good content, it can be said that the traditional media is content centric.

, however, with the rise of the Internet, especially the concept of new media increasingly fiery, traditional media gradually small, we have felt that the content is already outdated. But is it really the case? In fact, the so-called new media, not to say that the content is no longer important, but that the new channel of communication. It turned out to be newspapers, books, television, then portals, and then some vertical websites and forums. Communication channels are changing, but the content is still king.

, for example, Sina after micro-blog, many grassroots large ground, similar operators, are copied scripts, although also have the original, but in the confusion there are no exception, such as the user’s viewing enthusiasm at low tide, the size is in an awkward. In turn, continue to provide the original and unique content of the micro-blog account was eventually recognized by the user, which fully illustrates the importance of the content itself.


public platform, there are people in the media, too much emphasis on this new channel after the boom, there must be a lot of silent account, or is abandoned by the user account, is still left to those who continue to provide a unique content account. So, it is a time to hold high the content of the banner of the times.

does not have a good, convenient access to the content of the communication channels can not do it, with a good communication channel, but there is no good content is absolutely not. Now we think that WeChat public number is a good channel of communication, but perhaps not for some time. With good content, and these good content is very easy for everyone to get, get the attention of fans is a natural thing.

is a WeChat public yells "junior college", so far there are more than 160 thousand fans. In the past when one hundred thousand fans, wrote a piece of analysis, the Oriental operator said: "this stupid, very many people, including institutions, ask me, how do you do the promotion?! My answer is always "I"

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