ndoorsman community website technology to annual income of nearly one million

a variety of community sites under a variety of slogans to promote their own, and the real people can bring practical help to the community website and what? And what can help people? Here’s a look at the problem.

when Sir, how do you think Indoorsman turned from technology community webmaster?

their original technology on a web site, but often suffer from overtime, income is not high. Would like to do a website to try, but do electricity suppliers to sell things need to invest in the human cost and supply costs are too high, so I would like to do the best to rely on advertising to make money site. Community site for the area of small, good grasp, so I chose the area I am familiar with the community site.


you now what sites rely on profits? Pure advertising?


A lot of

form, like the blind dating, flea market, parent-child activities, group outings, billiard games, outdoor barbecue are held, each activity generally seven hundred or eight hundred people. The main activity is to facilitate the residents living in Shaoyaoju. The first neighborhood culture festival is like 22 this month, our future in Shaoyaoju Plaza Shopping Center held, mainly in the form of parent-child games, flea market, intimate activities etc, now registration there are approximately 800 people!

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