nner Mongolia vice president of the long road

is currently the vice president of the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region chamber of Commerce in Wenzhou, Inner Mongolia Asia glasses company and Inner Mongolia golden time entertainment Co., Ltd. chairman Li Shouwang. Now he is a billionaire, recalled in a way this sad business, let us deeply. In the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Inner Mongolia Asia glasses company, Inner Mongolia golden time entertainment Co., Ltd., as well as Italy, Armani, Japan, Iraq, and so many of the world’s leading national brand glasses.

entrepreneurial hard work at the beginning of

1990 years, thirty thousand yuan graduating from high school, only 21 years old Li Shouwang with his parents left home and put all sorts of things together, their brothers, to the living environment is still very backward in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to do business, glasses, watch business for a living. At that time, Inner Mongolia Hohhot store rent cheap, Li watch by his sincerity, persuaded Inner Mongolia Hohhot national store manager, a packet of six counter. With the store Li Shouwang, immediately hired 6 employees, to start the clock, glasses business. From dawn to dusk every day to work at ten o’clock, back to the less than 90 square meters of the rental house to wear lenses, because at the time of the lens is the manual grinding, so every night he ground to sleep in the depth of night, less than 5 hours. But, every time he must go to Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places to purchase, can’t afford to sit, and reluctant to buy a sleeper ticket, only train hard seat, sit for two days and two nights. In the evening, I was too sleepy to stand in the corridor. Due to financial constraints, he can only small quantities of stock, which means that he is going to visit every one or two months. Told reporters in Inner Mongolia entrepreneurship hardships, Li Shouwang said, can only use very bitter to describe. But there will be a harvest, in the short period of four years, Li Shouwang will have their own large and small stores, more than 40 employees reached more than more than and 20.


that diverted sour

dissatisfaction with the status quo, courage to seize the opportunities are business characteristics of Li Shouwang. But a few degrees of change and grief, only Li Shouwang knows. In 1993, when the Bausch & Lomb contact lenses are very popular, Li Shouwang feel there are so many stores, business with a small capital do not, so bold, engaged in the manufacture of contact lens industry. Because of the large investment, he understood that the risk is certainly.

introduction of foreign technology, high salaries to hire professional and technical personnel, from Taiwan into the material, Li Shouwang soon made a good quality of contact lenses, began to create their own brand of glasses. Go to Beijing, Shanghai, Shijiazhuang and other links to the customer immediately, wholesale contact lenses, because the price is cheap, cheap, welcomed by the vast number of consumers. To 102 yuan / Deputy price per day can be approved on average about 5000. But because of manufacturing contacts, to have intellectual property rights and patents, Li Shouwang can only opt out recommendation

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