Peking University Medical Postgraduate School Entrepreneurship a person to eat crab

of the Peking University students after graduation seems to love the unusual way to go, and even go to the butcher’s. The medical department of Peking University Graduate Liu Ankun after careful consideration take time off to do a business, business people eat crab.

and the same crab from afar and Beijing crab restaurant in Ceylon Liu Ankun. Xinjiang born Liu Ankun entered the Peking University School of medicine in 2008, in 2012 served as chairman of the student union of Peking University Health Science Center, the same year, won the Chinese the opportunity to successfully enter the postgraduate study.


in the fourth grade Liu Ankun University, the school organized a "raise the flag, go with the party, on the way, learn history" to Tibet to participate in social practice project. "I am from Xinjiang, and I want to go to some places where I am not very good in social practice, such as Tibet and Yunnan. Then went to Tibet to do a research project as the background, Peking University Alumni, so I know Wang Jianhao brother, he was responsible for some of the reception work, we hit it off."   Liu Ankun says.

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