Whether the success of the action is really reliable small series immediately announced

people’s acceptance of innovation theory has been gradually improved, but some theories are still difficult to accept, such as the success of learning. For the success of learning attitude, people always mixed, also put forward a variety of questions.

but Li Jian’s life experience or success provides the most convincing evidence. He is on the success of the most optimistic and positive advocates and promoters, and is a real sense of success; he not only established a branch success success, is to become Chinese, fully deserve success first. In order to promote the success of his action theory, Li Jian held hundreds of keynote speeches in the country, there are hundreds of thousands of people listened to his speech. Almost every site to listen to Li Jian speech, will be infected by his passion, especially when he talked about his experience and success now begging.

five elements of success based on Li Jian to build a theoretical framework, but Li Jian dream is not just in the successful achievement in theory, but also hope that through the practice of their own, to show its great power theory. So Li Jian founded the advertising company, and served as general manager, which made him have a platform, which can successfully learn management in the implementation of his action fengchitianxia.

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