Recommended 2014 gold medal project temporary Art Tattoo

modern people are catching up with the trend, fashion tattoo is a lot of people want, smart entrepreneurs how to let go of this contains the business opportunities?! Today, Xiaobian for everyone to recommend the 2014 gold medal project, temporary art tattoo. The reason why temporary art tattoos are so popular is that they have the following characteristics:

1, put small

2, low cost

3, popular Wang

modern people love crowd to watch, especially new things even more so. Because the tattoo itself is artistic, fashion. And is the site operation, more ornamental, so long as there is a business, there will be a lot of people around, look at your operation, followed by second are interested in, the third, the fourth……   every night income is in 100-350 yuan.

4, the site does not require

in the commercial street, the flow of people and Trade Center, also can be in the bar street, street night market, snack street, as long as people are not afraid of no business.

5, simple operation

6, no irritation to the skin without injury

7, a wide range of consumer

8, holding time is generally two to three months

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