Ten models to help Mengniu Dairy ndustry stability

Mengniu and Yili two brands to support the domestic dairy industry, Mengniu extraordinary influence is not common, both men and women are very much trust in this big brand. What is the mode of operation of Mengniu’s success?

The luminous flux of

the same concave lens, convex lens inaction, big fires. Why? Knowledge is only scattered and gathered.

Industrial orientation

Second, mode of operation: the goal of pushing down

forward propulsion is "from doing", "is the goal of pushing down from doing" — from the target of reverse deduction, push down the allocation of resources, push down time distribution, link strategy and link methods; ask my hands do many things, but ask how many hands need to shift in Taishan don’t ask me; a pot to cook how much rice, but asked workers who need how much pot; ask me a lamp can shine how many miles, but ask the world how many bright lights!

Mengniu will determine the establishment construction of "one hundred years of Mengniu" goal, and all decisions are placed into the coordinate system of the cause of vital and lasting importance to consider, so that we can effectively avoid short-term behavior, to be "responsible for history". In the specific business activities, with high planning, only modify the means, do not modify the target.

The basic goal of

Third, incentive mode: financial scattered people together


"and their rivalry" is based on the development of their own, rather than contain others; encounter problems, from the start, reflect and try to find the cause of self change. When you countless times "and their rivalry," looking back, "the law of large numbers" performance emerges: you to change yourself and change the world!

fifth, cooperation mode: concentric effect "recommended

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