Gome in the second half of the six major power speed planning exposure

NetEase Francisco August 29th news yesterday afternoon, the group of the United States held a high-level interpretation of earnings in Shenzhen, President Wang Junzhou, chief financial officer Wei, senior vice president and chairman of Gome online show Mou Guixian to the scene to the media group of the United States especially the results in the first half of the United States online business platform, and puts forward the strategic goal of the second half of the year. Gome online is clearly positioned as the core of the home appliance business as the core of the whole channel of goods and services platform, power speed six specific planning official exposure.

Mou Guixian said at the meeting has set a military order, and make a detailed plan for the dynamic speed". He will be 2011-2013 as the United States and the United States online infrastructure, 2014-2015 to accelerate the growth period, 2016-2017 for the rapid development period. The main goal is to accelerate growth of professional construction of electronic business platform, a comprehensive breakthrough in user experience, supply chain, logistics, APP, marketing, big data in six areas, reaching the level of industry-leading, one-stop shopping to meet the user needs to build Internet ecosystem.

Mou Guixian finally concluded that Ali and Jingdong have been listed, many people believe that the electricity supplier pattern has been set, but in fact the opportunities and challenges coexist, the key lies in the choice of imitation or innovation. The group of the United States hope through the line of logistics and supply chain accumulation, improve the online user experience and big data, APP and marketing innovation as a link, let the line no borders, their expertise at the same time, realize the complementary advantages. (Sun Hongchao)

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