Taobao responded to speculation sales Express is not false

December 30th afternoon message, according to the news that part of Taobao express to help sellers hype sales and brush letter, and accused Taobao of 40% transactions for false trading statement, Alibaba group vice president Tao denied.

"I hope is fried, so the seller shipped less pressure, express will not have a warehouse explosion." Tao said, according to Taobao’s daily trading volume, calculated according to the rumors of the 40%, has reached hundreds of millions of dollars, "I can’t think who have so much spare cash to do nothing to bring credit speculation".

yesterday is a courier company courier to the media broke the news that some employees express through and fill out the express order number in the credit platform, Taobao help sellers hype sales and reputation, and that in the current Taobao shopping records, "about 40% of the purchase is out of the brush". After the news was disclosed to the industry a lot of discussion.

ran that talk about the number of active users actually to the seller and the buyer is not what meaning, "and said that the current day has more than 100 million users visit Taobao, do 100 million active users who still feel less?" he said, in the electric business statistics on no active users of a unified standard, according to some websites browse access statistics, such as eBay strict website is in accordance with the transaction behavior statistics over a period of time, in accordance with the "behind the strict standard to count the number of active users, Taobao is also far higher than 100 million".

earlier brush lead to Taobao trading volume of 40% orders for the false statement, the Tao said do not understand Taobao. At the same time, he also said "I wish is fried, so the seller delivery, express delivery is not so much pressure, there would be no explosion happened." He said that every day Taobao generates 18 million trading orders, about 13 million parcels.

"the parcel number are on the way to run, courier companies look to understand", and "according to Taobao now daily trading volume is 40%, there are several billion, I can not think of who can come up with so much money, but don’t do anything else, just to sell more credit to hype things?" Tao said.

referred to by the order fried letter, he said, "even the courier express are too busy to send, there is time to brush the order?" he said, for fried letter, Taobao has a complete set of strict supervision and verification system for false trading on the Taobao platform to express the matching only one criterion, in the whole transaction process, Taobao will also analyze the transaction transaction information from the latitude of both sides, some of the characteristics of false trading behavior itself to control, such as express delivery to confirm the delivery time, some sellers and buyers purchase behavior etc..

"an order number on Taobao only once. If the second used in the Taobao system, the system will alarm and verification. If you want to cheat, must put a false address entry Taobao system, but in this way to go through the express company." Tao >

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