Try to use the topic of soft web promotion and summary

a lot of network promotion, planners have seen a lot of topic type soft to the network promotion case, but the courage to try should not have been in, watch more, less lively manufacturing situation. Fortunately, I recently planned an attempt to do so, and now the process, experience and sum up to contribute to communicate with you.

author of a decoration company to do the work of network promotion, the company recently launched a App, can help owners in the renovation process for a full range of regulatory. This App also belongs to the application model in the industry, in the domestic decoration industry is the first launch of the first launch of any user base, the company is headquartered in App after the launch, the main media in the network issued a press release PR, released more than and 30 media, there are a lot of media reprint, but because it is the nature of ordinary PR releases, there is interest in active media is not reproduced, users click estimates will not be too much. So I decided to the front side of the sword, do not take the unusual way, with the topic of a soft way to carry out a promotion of App.

topic type: 1, several general soft is an occasion, this can be combined with the network recently to find the point, will promote the content into hot hot heat, borrow to market; 2, three, although the style is not high, but it has always been the common people love to see and hear the content; 3. Rare flower, such as the recent "fire cancer cells" this kind of news; 4, the tall, is mainly spread positive energy society of news.

I in the selection of topic types, are fully taken into account the above contents, the first occasion, in the network have not found in the recent hot point, rare wonderful class did not think of good content, tall is more difficult to operate, the cost is also high cost of operation, at the end of the election to only three class news, is the best content, best speculation, the cost is low. Choose a good topic types, before turning a find the same type of topic news, and then find the theme to one of them, the main change we want to promote the products (for details please readers three topic, brain).

article submission, a few hours after being included in a large portal local news channel, at the same time, immediately into the Baidu news source. In the evening, the news was a well-known domestic news App (the country’s top three) reproduced, the second day was several major local forums and websites reproduced. At the same time in the past few days, I also keep the article every day forwarded to 2-3 mainstream forums and local forums rhythm. One of the best or the famous news App, tens of thousands of hits, reaching hundreds of comments, it can be found that the netizens on the three topic point of interest is very high. The other is not reproduced, this news App reproduced I find the work value, the effect is also very good, many local Internet users are aware of the company launched the App, there are second days to the company "

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