Analysis of group buying site barbaric growth emergence and out of control is a necessity

is not a group purchase would deny that they were practitioners of the blood war blade.

, we have this year’s advertising budget at least 200 million of it, handle network is also 200 million, the entire industry is certainly more than 1 billion." Shen Boyang speaks very fast, not evade the data, it has been determined to be "to hit". Shen Boyang, vice president of thousands of oak interactive group, in charge of the purchase of a thousand oaks business glutinous rice network.

even if there is no such a specific number, emergence and overflow of group purchase, it is difficult to be ignored. In Beijing, for example: bus station, subway advertising, building advertising, and even CCTV, online advertising will not have to say…… Full of melatonin from the group purchase website direct advertising language.

may wish to look at a set of data, in the past year, the field of electronic commerce financing, which 1/3 to invest in the group purchase: lashou received $55 million in two rounds of financing, the U.S. group net $15 million in two rounds of financing, full network access to $10 million financing, claimed to get more than the previous total financing new investment group purchase…… Rough statistics, a group purchase website received a total of 12 years of financing, capital of the group purchase site preference so remarkable.

capital to strengthen the Matthew effect: since January 2010, group purchase site full network [A1] established the first real sense since the class group purchase company has more than 2000, annual sales of more than 4 billion yuan, hundreds of city expansion.

as a tributary of e-commerce, why buy so fierce? From all the posture, it seemed pregnant with a "Big Bang business model".

at this stage of the group purchase, can to sum up in a word: the promotion of local service broker trading network. By means of low-cost, the local service supply and local consumer demand docking. Local businesses hoping to gather enough popularity to attract repeat customers, consumers want to get more cheap goods and services, to meet the various needs of the basic necessities of life.

Groupon group purchase mode of the originator, group purchase is different from the existing B2C or C2C website. Main group purchase promotion is local service trade, so you can not idle away in seeking pleasure of standardized products. Some people in the industry will directly buy the value of the site, defined as the needs of local businesses to meet the needs of precision marketing. As a marketing service, buy has an overwhelming temptation lies in: it is paid in accordance with the transaction. In other words, only transactions, businesses only need to pay the corresponding costs (due to low sales and provide to the commission due to loss of group purchase website); if the price setting may skillfully, not only can realize the profit, and can win the people field.

search engine has been able to create the richest man, because it can solve the problem of information matching algorithm, and thus promote the precision of marketing. Advertisers are happy to hit the search engine advertising costs, in exchange for a real click. Although clicking is not necessarily a deal

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