The use of QQ space photo circle easily attract thousands of traffic

Edison said: "genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration", for the network marketing, I want to say is: success is that the ninety-nine +% practice one percent. I believe that this is a very good understanding of this sentence, it must be able to accept. But there is a little regret, I found that most people have a common problem: "don’t want the success of the method, but hope to have secret flourishes, for these people, I just want to say: the network is not suitable for you, please stay away from the network marketing this high-risk occupation".

why do I say this? Because I shared some drainage method, these methods are not only free, simple and practical, but not many people really practice, I’m sorry, today want to share photos by QQ space circle drainage, hope you can put into practice, don’t let the following is the actual operation method of cast to waste. Methods:

first, log on and open their own QQ space, click on the picture of a friend’s dynamic [PS: no picture of the circle can not be people], as follows


two, click on the circle, as shown in figure


finish these two steps even if the circle is successful, so how to achieve this effect? We then look down:


did not see the circle of people after the success, we will show up in the others say, and their friends can see us, and we can click the nickname directly into the space, so we can achieve the purpose of drainage, and the circle of people than the effect but also good oh.

and you have not noticed, 106, is the dynamic views in the example that if one day we circle 10 people, 20 people do not have a 10002000 chance of exposure? If the number of friends each other a lot, dynamic browse volume of more than 1000 words a day, then we around 10 people, 20 people do not have the exposure of 1000020000


editor: the method is very simple, very clear, the operation is not difficult, as for how to achieve the results you see how strong execution, here, I also want to highlight the small, inconspicuous methods do not look down on each, you might think that the effect is not big, but you have not thought about, "" the more power, you might think that small little effect is just the key to your success.

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