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my tutor is a fan of quella marketing. We all know about the marketing inside mentioned quella Qiankun spectrum career four days, that is to say four different stages of individual entrepreneurship. Quella marketing Qiankun spectrum although the content is very short, but I think it contains the mystery and the essence is of great significance, if you be aware of the key, I believe in your entire network career, even has a very important meaning of life


four days:

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the first day: the core goal: a single transaction. Exclusive tools: human decoder.

the second day: the core goal: to create a business. Exclusive marketing tool: quella map.

third days: the creation of an empire. Price: the shift in the pattern of tools.

fourth days: a party. Exclusive tools: Ten invisible marketing weapons.

so we can about quella marketing, review the history of the Three Kingdoms period. Then take the Liu Bei of the Three Kingdoms group as an example. We analyze the four days of Liu Bei’s career, which is the four stage.

first stage: LGZ three sworn brothers, Kanba Kao, was cut, cut Wenchou, Lv Bu shut down war and so on a series of battles. But Liu Bei still can not escape the fate to depend on others, so he still needs to take refuge in Xu Qian, Gong sunzan, to Cao Cao, finally even with yuan shao. Although this stage he can continue to win, but for his personal career development is still not a definite direction, also did not reach a realm.

second stages: take refuge in Liu Biao, Xu Xu’s guidance. Xu Xu’s strategy and tactics into the second day. This time there is a classic example, almost do not need to run in the general case, easily cracked Cao Ren’s eight golden array, and then easily defeating Cao Ren’s attack. Liu Bei laments: never won such a victory today. Made such a victory, but Guan Yu did not play, Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun also didn’t contribute, but easy victory.

third stages: Sangumaolu Zhu Geliang to please. Zhu Geliang proposed to take Jingzhou, West Xichuan, min Hui Min and steady economic development, the people, then the time is ripe from Sichuan and Jingzhou two into the Central Plains, with Cao Cao. This can unify china. Liu Bei from the war victory, entered the stage of pattern control. So Liu Bei’s career went into third days. Liu Bei then took off in Jingzhou, Xichuan, made the Three Kingdoms period. Prosperous moment.

fourth stages: Unfortunately, Liu Bei never reached the fourth day, after Zhang Fei died, Guan Yu and Zhu Geliang revenge, forget the design pattern. At this critical time, the invasion of the Soochow, Yiling results in a fire ruined his career, but also ruin his life. Although Liu Bei died, Zhu Geliang

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