The analysis of foreign tourism website attracting Mode Wards and fear


tour started on the wards of safety problems so far, as people are worried, especially for those Chinese a lifetime struggle to earn a suite for. (image)

Author: Southern Weekend contributing writer Luo Minxia

"you come to my house, I come to your house, do not spend a penny"


Addie spent nearly 20 years will be the founder of the HomeExchange company made the world’s largest wards swim platform, however, its annual revenue of only a few million dollars; although the wards swim economy, very trendy, but travel enthusiasts especially Chinese also have many doubts about its existence.

wrote several e-mails to find out where the local people volunteered to help arrange the accommodation and travel during the holiday in Paris, France, which is the true experience of Xue, an associate professor at the University of Hong Kong, Xue An (Steve).

in the winter of 2009, he was introduced by a friend to become HomeExchange (World Travel Network members, wards) time has two years of his stay for free in the United States, Florida, Puerto Rico and the new England Paris France family members.

wards tour is simply "you come to my home, I came to your home, do not spend a penny". In 1950s, the French teacher’s summer vacation very much, light for 3 months, they idle love travel, suffer from lack of money, then come up with the help of tourism, tourism is now wards favored by worldwide travel enthusiasts.

HomeExchange is currently the world’s largest exchange tour platform, provides 16 different language services in 5 continents in 146 countries with more than 42 thousand locations for exchange. The founder of CEO, living in the United States California Addie · Cushing (Ed Kushins, referred to as Addie) said the Southern Weekend reporter, every year by HomeExchange made 60 thousand wards tour, on average every week to update the 200 destination.

Internet opportunity and Hollywood movie

wards swim business, the key is to expand the scale of membership, the increase in available exchange sites, in order to attract more new members. Addie said, "for us, the biggest challenge is to ordinary people accepting the concept of travel."

"I love traveling. I spent the first half of my life traveling." Addie said. After graduating from the Marshall School of business at the University of Southern California, he joined the U.S. Navy and traveled to many places for service. After his retirement, he was the director of marketing at the flying tiger airlines, through his career, he will travel to Asia once a month.

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at the beginning of 1990s, there was a European tour company called Inte> wards

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