Google search results page to provide hot search keywords

Beijing on September 30th news, according to foreign media reports, Google on Monday announced that the company will provide Hot Trends information in the search results page. Google this is clearly intended to avoid the real search war behind.

Hot Trends is a Google 2 and a half years ago launched a service that shows the highest popularity in the past 1 hours, the 100 search keywords.

Google will display Hot Trends information on the search results page. If the user enters one of the 100 most popular search keywords, its ranking in the Hot Trends, as well as rising trends and other information will be displayed below the search results.

Google spokesman said, "in order to cooperate with this initiative, we will display the Hot Trends keyword search on the web are reduced from 100 to 40, but the search results page will still display the top 100 search keywords information. We believe that this change will provide a more concise user experience to help users focus on the most interesting content."

Facebook last month launched a real-time search feature, designed to strengthen its MySpace and Twitter and other competitors for the leading edge.

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