Changzhou Jiangsu porn website competition led to the telecommunications network paralysis

CCTV network news (news broadcast):2009 July 27th evening eight points, all Jiangsu telecom network users can not open the page. After the accident, the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau command each municipality public security authorities launched a reconnaissance, soon Changzhou police through technical investigation found that the cause of the accident was caused by two pornographic websites to attack each other, the police recently disclosed the process of solving this case. Video: Jiangsu porn website competition led to the telecommunications network paralyzed

media source: CCTV news channel


network of Changzhou City Public Security Bureau police detachment of three police brigade Qu Jun: after the inquest, found some domain name service this DNS server for the case of 97XXOO and 97G97gan, the reason may be because the yellow broken network between sites because of interest (conflict) attacks, may mistakenly attacks the DNS server.

Hangzhou police then found two pornographic information posted on the website of the servers are located in the United States, only the site management, maintenance and updating in china. After a thorough investigation of a month, the Changzhou police have a lot of facts of the crime of criminal gangs, the August 22nd 5 arrest team went to Chongqing, Chengdu, Wenzhou, Xiamen, Mianyang, Chen Jinpeng, Zhang Bo, An Shicheng and other 6 suspects were arrested.

Qu Jun: at that time the scene caught four people, in addition to him (Chen Jinpeng) and some of his relatives, cousin, cousin to do his customer service staff.

after interrogation, the suspect Chen Jinpeng confessed his criminal facts. In January 2008, he set up a porn site, hired Zhang Bo, Lu Junxiang, and others, such as the preparation of the program, and download pornographic information from other pornographic sites, spread to their website on the.

Qu Jun: the yellow website placed some of the ads, according to yellow site visits, advertisers will offer a price. Chen Jinpeng himself took advantage of his ad to do something else for himself (Marketing), such as X-ray glasses, cell phone eavesdropping software such things, or do some fraud behavior. When we caught him in Sichuan, he took about 1300000 cash with him.

September 18, 2009, Hangzhou police attack, sent two arrest team rushed to Fujian and Gansu, will be the case of the other two suspects and arrested Yu Li Zhao Xinju, currently the case is still under further investigation.

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