Watercress commercial and then test the new product to clear the arts and business can be a win win

just past May 7, 2014, is the two year anniversary of the formal reading of the paid bookstore. As an important part of the attempt to commercialize watercress, watercress read directly by the user to pay for the purchase, shorter business chain. This time, it looks closer to the money.


1 watercress read with the long tail of the copyright income to feed the author himself, from a commercial point of view, this is the victory of literature and art.

2 traditional video book revenue has stabilized, more new products at the beginning of the landing will have a more clear business orientation.

The importance of

3 mobile terminals has become a consensus within the bean, Yang Bo repeatedly in the company stressed that this year should pay attention to the mobile terminal.

watercress try to pay mode

watercress read the first broke into the public view, in early 2013. Internet writer Ding Xiaoyun published thank micro-blog reader, said the two works "on the literary young woman" and "how to cultivate the Queen s 7 days to cure procrastination in reading" watercress has accumulated sales of 16624, the cumulative sales of 54970.48 yuan.

this figure surprising. Ding Xiaoyun sell articles belong to non fiction essays, rather than the "gold" powerful ability to cross, fantasy, romance and other types of fiction. There are similar to Yoshii Shinobu’s three meters delicacy works Week travel stories, as well as network Reds hecaitou’s "rice drunk records", total sales were 9224, 2626, 3079.

in "drunk food records" 1.99 yuan a single price calculation, according to the author and watercress 37 open into proportion, hecaitou can obtain copyright revenue 4289 yuan. Hecaitou said: "I’m not sure watercress reading can support a text for the people, because we all understand that reading are so rare, but can use the long tail into watercress reading to feed its own. That is to say, it can last forever."

from a business point of view, this is the victory of literature and art. "The things of the world, is the essence of the column wise remark of an experienced person" to pay, is one of the three toll watercress reading module, watercress reading editor Fan Chaoran by "self published" to describe the nature of pay column, column feeds directly from the ordinary author, subject to the manual review editorial team. Watercress reading in addition to the two plates and columns is also a series of novels ebook screened results.

paid column and serialized novels before the three article fourth article is the default free, independent pricing by the author, 0.1 yuan -2 yuan / piece range, watercress and according to 37 into; e-book copyright provided by publishers, and press the same according to the price of the bean into 37.

this is one of the most simple and direct charging mode. "Prior to the electricity supplier shopping guide", buy movie tickets online, the new on-line UGC products are in line with the "things", Yang Bo commercial and content integration concept. Bean?

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