National Copyright Administration bulletin 8 from the network infringement of film and television wo Beijing

on 9 July, on the morning of 9, the National Copyright Bureau informed Jian Wang 2014 special action of the first and 8 Internet piracy cases. Violated network covering film, music, games, software copyright, sales of pirated products through the network platform and SkyDrive through the dissemination of infringing works and other types of cases, some of which involved a server outside.

8 cases including the Anhui DY161 movie network, Jiangsu super cool movie network video website, Guangxi Granville dish network Anhui 999 treasures network copyright infringement case; Beijing, Shandong Zibo Hemou Lee and other alleged violations of online game software copyright case; Shanghai Fudan online the bookstore and Shanghai Huisheng graphic shop suspected of selling pirated books case and the Shanghai Wang sales using the Internet piracy ISO standard case. 8 cases had strong typicality in related fields, including film and television works hardest hit of Internet piracy.

The development of

technology, a fundamental change in the mode of transmission of video works by many users in the video site to enjoy movies, hot drama "gluttonous dinner" at the same time, the film and television works copyright protection has become the focus of attention of the judicial. Recently, the fight against Internet piracy was a high pressure situation, Shenzhen Nora Technology Co., Ltd. was fined 260 million due to copyright infringement caused great concern. Briefing, the State Copyright Bureau spokesman at CI Ke solemnly warned Nora want to follow the way of the website and the company: in the name of technological innovation of the real line piracy business model, this road is blocked, any violations must be stopped, must be timely rectification, transformation, to go genuine legitimate Sunshine Avenue don’t go, dark alley piracy, not luck, or will bear serious legal consequences."

it is reported that since June 12th, the four departments jointly launched a special action, human rights and the public to actively complaint, the State Copyright Bureau preliminary verification online piracy clues 265, some key clues have been transferred by the relevant local investigation. The public can continue to participate in the report by the National Copyright Administration announced in three ways: e-mail [email protected], Tel: 12390 and 010-83138747, fax 010-83138743.

Jian Wang 2014 special action notification of the first batch of 8 Internet piracy cases

a, infringement of the copyright of the film and television works

1 Anhui DY161 movie network alleged copyright infringement case. According to the relevant rights complaints, the copyright department of Anhui province and the public security departments to set up a task force on the DY161 film network alleged copyright infringement case investigation. After investigation, the suspect also runs "DY161" and "f1dy" in the two movie website, issued a total of tens of thousands of alleged infringement of film and television works. At the beginning of June 2014, the public security department arrested the suspect chen. At present, the case has been handed over procuratorate prosecution.

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