Hold a big move was ma seconds Alipay AR envelopes loopholes

met with a red envelope after a wonderful chemical reaction. This wonderful chemical reaction for the Spring Festival Gala red envelopes initiative Tencent Ali in the layout of the domestic mobile payment market, and guide consumers to pay habits and other aspects are of great significance. So every year on the eve of Spring Festival, the Tencent will lose the ultimate frequency of ali. The Spring Festival Gala on the eve of this year, Alipay launched LBS High German map location information and the application of the scene based on AR red AR.

Alibaba founder Jack Ma

AR red line on Alipay after the news quickly brush frequency, users have also limited the author experience, interesting. But this afternoon, many netizens said: Alipay AR red BUG, Ma resorted to by the designers for second strokes.


AR red

according to friends saying: Alipay AR open the envelopes, and then find a red envelope nearby, after opening the map to find tips (pictured above on the right side of the figure), after the interception will be prompted to open in Photoshop, and then copy the layer – adjust the transparency – adjustment – overlapping filter and a series of operations can be complete that map, and then get through the scanning after PS treatment, complete reminders, get a red envelope.

see here, I can only say that your designers really play. According to the design idea of Alipay AR red, in addition to the picture recognition outside the High German map LBS position information based on the data is also very important. But this is a loophole user famous real existence and I didn’t go to verify.

a puzzling figure

The so-called

vulnerability is rife with users at the same time, the so-called to confirm the authenticity of the vulnerabilities of various occasion money (into the group Shoutu teaching fee is not low OH) the worthless began in a variety of social group where all hi earthshaking. I don’t say anything about you.

on the Internet rumors of Alipay VR say the red loophole of my own opinion:

At the beginning of 1,

also said that the Alipay AR red instead of simply your understanding is a picture identification, identified can be received. There is also a key point is that it calls the high moral map LBS location information. Even if the P diagram can be identified, it can only be identified near the. Therefore, the existence of loopholes in the point of view of the people you are not going to hold the computer side of the street side of the mobile phone while shooting the picture to pick up the money (it seems that a lot of red envelopes are not large)

2, the existence of loopholes in the case, the Ant King of the wind control department must respond quickly and repair;

3, send worthless last picture: gentlemen love fortune, in a proper way.


Li Minmin


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