Network video industry’s longest entrepreneur Gu Yongqiang will leave it

have to say, 10 years ago when the founder of Youku Koo dreams are infinite approximation reality: a multi screen video, the Internet has become a necessity for hundreds of millions of people every day; let the talented entrepreneurs "fame and fortune"; the content of the Internet has become an important engine of rapid development of cultural entertainment industry China…… Gu Yongqiang and Youku once abandoned the Internet video industry to explore a way of survival and development, but also rewrite the pattern of the industry.

All this makes

recently noisy on the dust "Vkoo (Gu Yongqiang English name) to retire" hearsay seems reasonable, 50 year old is already know the fate of the old, it will continue to kill in the first? However, if left Vkoo, one group still continue to get better, it might is most proud of the achievements of Gu Yongqiang should.

longest entrepreneur

in September 10th, one group (Youku potatoes) held "and" for the second session of the open Internet culture and entertainment ecosystem conference, one group chairman and CEO Victor Koo, dressed in a red T-shirt printed with two goldfish in center stage. Under the seat of Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong, sina CEO micro-blog UC and vice president of, Ali is equivalent to the Department of big partners, they also announced on the same day as the video entertainment major league".

in less than a year, the group has indeed changed too much: to become a wholly owned subsidiary of Alibaba, the completion of the privatization of the domestic market…… After the integration of the Big Ali, the United States is also undergoing a variety of changes.

in June this year, the Alibaba announced the formation of cultural entertainment business sector, the establishment of a large civic sector work leading group. Alibaba chairman Koo and cultural entertainment industry development committee work leading group, to help Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong making arts entertainment industry long-term development and strategic investment layout.

plus in May this year, the original President Yang Weidong was officially appointed as president of a group, and is responsible for the overall business platform Youku, potatoes, crazy, play, directly to the Koo report. So, the media speculation, Koo may retire, mainly to do some strategic planning and investment work, and one will be 70 after Yang Weidong helm.

face the reporter really want to leave, the inquiry, Koo Koo is very relaxed: I’m still." He told the "Chinese Economic Weekly" reporter, "I am a horse, a horse for a long time to rest, so the horse people sometimes want to take a vacation. Now (Yang Wei Dong) so awesome that I should be able to take a day off."

November 2005, the former Sohu president and chief operating officer Koo turnover founded one network technology Co. Ltd; the following year, officially launched. 2010, Youku landed on the NYSE; in 2012, the network video "boss" Youku and "second" potato merger; in 2014, Youku >

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