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news July 18th, "Chinese Vicky industry summit opened in Hangzhou, sponsored by the wiki industry summit by DCCI Internet data center, Zhejiang University School of journalism, internet lab, iResearch Consulting Group, Chinese Museum Digital Museum Society, the Museum of Zhejiang Province Institute of Specialized Committee, the world’s largest Chinese encyclopedia website – Interactive Encyclopedia host, the the conference will be the spirit of" sharing, cooperation and dedication "spirit of Wikipedia, focusing on the industry trends, technology and products and other aspects of in-depth discussion.

in Chinese wiki forum sub forum operators understand the laggards Qinfeng,, Guo Jijun, Shi Jianfeng love gathered Admin5 webmaster Chen Guoqiang, 078, Yunnan Xiao Zhigang China Populus encyclopedia wiki industry Web site operators at the meeting to share with the audience the experience based website operation dimension.


anchor: Thank you Mr. Li Yang wonderful to share, we didn’t think Wiki has been so successful application in junior middle school education, it seems that Wiki is widely used, please have the following several heroes and several master to discuss what is the value of the Wiki application, after discussion we will have more understanding. Please understand our laggards Qinfeng,, Guo Jijun, Shi Jianfeng love gathered Admin5 webmaster Chen Guoqiang, 078, the Yunnan Encyclopedia of Populus euphratica Xiao Zhigang, please on stage.

you may have some is not very understanding, each of you give me 10 seconds to make a self introduction.

Shi Jianfeng: Hello, I’m the manager of Shanghai hotline development department. My name is Shi Jianfeng. is Shanghai’s first portal, we advocate is the Shanghai hotline, to understand life, let more Internet users through World Expo, World Expo held by the opportunity, more attention Shanghai, Shanghai understand, thank you.

Dong Qinfeng: I am a city grassroots, we are the grassroots representatives. We have about 500000 users, and then all over the country.

Chen Guoqiang: Hello everyone, I am a webmaster editor in chief Chen Guoqiang. Stationmaster net is mainly a webmaster information portal, our forum is the main trading forum website.

: Hello, I am P. 078 game network of Populus euphratica. Our website is from the beginning of this year in April, at the beginning we have attracted more than 30 people from around the world to engage in the game of information elite come to join our team. From April to the present, our website from scratch, and now our daily visits to IP reached 300 thousand. I think now speaking, the team is the most important in the construction of. In addition, please remember our domain name, very good record, after a visit.

Guo Jijun: Hello, I’m Guo Jijun, online call me Guo gigi.


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