Why Sino US internet financial Rainbow Night

mentioned the Internet financial industry, in China and in the United States is completely two different picture, which is from the two Internet financial platform market we can see.

May 12th, pleasant loans released its unaudited financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2016. The company reported a quarter contributed to the loan amount of $535 million, representing an increase of 110%; to confirm the net income of $85 million 70 thousand, representing an increase of 187%; net profit of $20 million 130 thousand, representing an increase of 355%, then the pleasant credit market value also will rose.

but recently the largest P2P platform has been exposed alleged illegal loans and insider trading, stock prices fell sharply affected by this, the market value of a serious shrink. In fact, in the U.S. market, P2P industry has already released a winter sales data signal, ranking the leading platform in the first quarter is not optimistic, shares fell; at the beginning of May, is a well-known Internet financial platform announced big layoffs. Subject to the entire U.S. investor market for P2P are not particularly optimistic about the United States, the P2P industry has encountered problems in the development of the industry.

America and China Fintech market, one is suffering from an iceberg, but be in full swing

can be seen from the latest results of pleasant loans, the size of the transaction is stable in the growth of pleasant loans, while revenue and profit has also been a greater growth. So, why can the pleasant loan in a short period of time to get such rapid growth?

one, which benefited from the letter should be 10 years and pleasant loans accumulated by the user reputation in the past 4 years. With the acceleration of the entire domestic market of Internet financial regulation, as well as the impact of the outbreak of the platform last year, the impact of financial users began to those high security factor, high credibility of the platform to focus. The pleasant loan through years of nearly 10 years of wind control technology and the accumulation of financial experience, has formed a set of its own safe and reliable risk control system, a good reputation has led to the rapid growth of the user.

second, pleasant loans as the first in the United States listed Chinese Internet banking platform, brand awareness rapidly. At the same time, after the listing, followed by a strict compliance with the information disclosure system, but also allows information to be more transparent, but also to rely on the credibility of listed companies to rely on the endorsement of a pleasant credit to win more trust in the user.

third, China launched a pleasant credit first online consumer financial ABS products, through asset securitization, pleasant loans completed from the expansion of individual investors to institutional investors, to achieve the strategic layout of the financial end of diversification. These are reflected from the side of the domestic professional open market for pleasant loan business model, corporate credit, asset management services and asset quality and other aspects of recognition.

fourth, the first quarter of 2016, 50542 pleasant loans borrowers to solve the financing demand, the loan of 55% users from online channels.

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