Grilled Steak father of WeChat Zhang Xiaolong’s vulnerability


note: because WeChat’s successful example of this, the Tencent was unanimously optimistic about the prospects, valuations have risen repeatedly, WeChat designer Zhang Xiaolong has become everyone worship leader. However, WeChat behind the scenes is not perfect — WeChat how to achieve profitability in the foreseeable future is worth thinking, its business model is not clear. Today, let us design philosophy of Zhang Xiaolong from the father of WeChat, WeChat has a peel of view did not imagine so perfect, Zhang Xiaolong find the vulnerabilities in WeChat design.

2012 Zhang Xiaolong served in the Tencent internal do a lecture on "products" by WeChat, the industry has been well thought, one part of it for the evaluation of competitive products:

so when 360 of our competitors had a "message", their position is very clear, because they are very good at doing the user needs to grasp, feel more real products, users of affordable products, users will be more love. In fact, before a lot of products are so successful, so they do a message is also in accordance with this idea, saying that I help you save the SMS fee can be integrated together.

"I looked after secretly pleased, because I know that this road is not right. Most of the time, the user save a little money in your doing what he will go to buy other things, what luxury, he always want to spend money, he wants a very cool feeling." In this case, Zhang Xiaolong proved the success of WeChat’s "shake" function.

But in February 19th

Facebook announced about $19 billion acquisition price is not a shake, drift bottles, to see people in the vicinity, friends, games and other functions of the WhatsApp, according to public data shows the current WhatsApp monthly active users has reached 450 million. "No ads, no games, no gimmicks." Focus on information transmission business, even stubborn insist users pay to use as the basic business model, this anti Zhang Xiaolong theory could be WhatsApp in the forest of giant wall barbaric growth, this is not to face Zhang Xiaolong


money is the most attractive

The main reason of

Zhang Xiaolong in the lecture summary of WeChat’s success is to find the "essence" of the psychological demands of users, for the nature of a mass products really have the so-called user demand is an illusion, this is in fact he is egocentric in his social and observation range for user needs induction the. We are very familiar with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, from the bottom of the physiological, safety, social, esteem and self realization, according to different situations, different nature of the demand for everyone is always in the change, such as the nature of demand in the desert on the verge of die of thirst is what is cool? What is the physiological demand.

the user group with the essential needs of the product can only be relatively weak or have been called by others

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