Red children were forced to sell exploration give up department with maternal home

Xu Peixin had a very small voice and didn’t laugh all the time. In Suning acquisition red children’s media communication, who can feel the atmosphere is somewhat awkward, although this is the wedding of the two.

see this scene, a lot of people think of the old B2C boss scenery unlimited: around 2007, founded just three years of red child limelight overshadowed Dangdang, a time was pushed on the head of the B2C deal. Almost everyone will believe that the imagination of the company will be able to achieve a number of millionaires, many employees do not pay day and night to wait for the dream come true moment.

today, many people in the industry speculated that, if not the red child was acquired by Suning, is likely to be Jingdong, Dangdang, Tmall and other platforms that eating slowly die. "Red child performance for several consecutive years from 50% to 60% at the rate of decline, and the loss rate is very high, the founder of a is not left, the market share has been Jingdong, Dangdang and beyond Tmall, is an anemic zombie company"."


contrast is so great that many people like to summarize the reasons, naturally different opinions. More interesting is that there is a large deviation between the internal and external causes of the red children. To this end, the state power grid linked to the red child several former executives, the decomposition of the relationship of red child the fate of the turning point of the core of the three major reasons.

give up mother and child stronghold: miss the biggest mother and child website

red child "directory + phone for sale" means and started 500 scattered in Beijing, Xi’an and other places of the telephone at once let peer attention. The same is the mother of the seller and you can offer OK baby. When I entered this industry, there are still about 26% of the profits, but now being squeezed by the red child only 10 percent."

that time the momentum of the red child did not lose to today’s Jingdong mall. According to Analysys International Statistics 2007 red child sales reached 175 million, 2008 sales of Dangdang and Amazon and the loss of only 10 million, which at the time that many investment banks on the B2C industry with emotion.

in 2009, the market competition environment changes, Taobao very influential annual sales for three consecutive times, Jingdong growth, online shopping by consensus on the impact of catalog sales, catalog sales started similarly to the clothing company Mcglaughlin began to focus on pushing the network marketing costs at the end of 2009, according to some media reports have nearly 100 million yuan.

, some people say that the red child from the catalog to sell electricity supplier too late, it is not understand the red child. In fact, the red child began in 2006 when the Jingdong do business, or simply brother, good music to buy these the bright younger generation did not appear in 2008, made 1 billion in sales, the company’s total sales accounted for more than a dozen points." An unnamed red child former executives to the billion state power network.

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