Hiding behind the scenes the life of nternet marketer

forum from age to age of micro-blog to WeChat era, navy has been in public opinion in the teeth of the storm they claim to "goers, public opinion".

the ups and downs, and the evolution of the Internet Chinese intertwined. They are a mirror of the social era, not only the reflection of the changing screen, as well as changes in public awareness and public opinion changes.

from the racket to busy fall, now, waiting for the Navy into the dormant period, they belong to the spring come again.

forum era: the rise of

2005, the explosive development of the Internet, advertising people to grasp the pulse of the times, the network of public relations companies came into being. By economic means, the company, the operation of the group, set up a naval brigade. The Navy boarded the stage of history, and has become an important part of the network world, but the real scale rise, needs to be traced back to the forum of the times.

before and after 2010, the Navy began to appear and the world team camp, segmentation, each heating. The final was a "Crazy" team dominated the formation of a monopoly situation.

crazy, founded in 2009, set up in order to strengthen team cohesion, due to its strong integration of resources and operational capacity, squeezing out the most Navy team, and become the overlord.

(net) is one of the more crazy off core members. In 2012 he started college courses, loose, play games every day, boring, wanted to use the idle time to earn extra money. Loose management of the navy to become his choice. "Navy search team", the first page of the search results were "Crazy" pa field. So, have to fill out the survey with details, adding funk organization.

at that time there were about 50 crazy QQ group, each group of 500 people. The more than 20 thousand, when the power of core. Each person’s hands, at least a few hundred forum account, a number of senior points raised thousands, or even tens of thousands of accounts.

they are divided into three levels: primary, intermediate, and management. More than a dozen managers, each assigned to two or three groups, to manage and assign tasks. Specialize in, the group, a professional post, write comments, there is a reply, carry out their duties. Managers in the group issued a "task list", free of charge to receive the task, after the completion of the registration, monthly deposit.

was the first to join the primary group, the first day of the task is to register each forum account, a busy day only earn 7 dollars, 14 dollars for second days, third days 20 – a month ago, when the work started, slowly raise the horizon, Baidu, mop.com, Xicihutong, Katie, nineteen building forum account.

this month, he got up at 8 every morning, go to bed at 2 a.m., hard earned 1000 yuan. Slowly get started after the beginning of the third month, get up at 12 every day at noon, watching videos, listening to music, operating under the task of leisure time use, the night waiting for money to check, a monthly income of two or three.

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