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if e-commerce subversion of people’s shopping habits, micro-blog subvert the trajectory of mass communication, the Internet box subvert your living room. So what will be the next subversion of the Internet? The answer can only be the traditional service industry has nearly trillion market, which is called O2O (Online To Offline), or O2P (Online To). That is, through PC, mobile terminals (Internet based) browsing, and then down the line trading behavior.

at the beginning of the year, when I attended a gathering of financial circles, we are in the process of China’s economy is expected to move towards the service sector, the real estate hot money away from the investment in the stock market and life service consumption. Indeed, as we expected, NPC and CPPCC in this direction after the government efforts to promote, including Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places registered service enterprises can also get government tax, office space and other preferential policies.

and the direction of our national policy, the Internet is also slowly penetrate the line services. From the early classification of information to subvert the real estate agency, to buy the line to the business cited passenger, and then to the next line of business to WeChat to establish their own CRM (Customer Relationship Management) business ecology. We seem to be accustomed to such subversion, even if it is constantly changing.

O2O past and present life

said before O2O, we have to mention the LBS (Location Based Service location based services). Because there is no LBS, there will not be today’s O2O pattern, not to mention the mature O2P.

and many of the development of the same trajectory, the initial LBS is the military technology, and then continue to use the police alarm positioning system. That is, when the phone alarm, the police can locate your specific location, in order to quickly find you.

until 2009 Foursquare (a geographical location in the United States to share the APP), it was really put this technology into civilian life. In fact, the founder of Foursquare as early as 2000 when it has begun to study LBS and founded the Dogdeball. In 2005, he sold Dodgeball to Google.

almost a year later, the other side of the ocean in China also ushered in the application of class Foursquare open, cut off, street, etc., and these applications are the core function of the sign". To tell the truth, I think the simple sign " and no value, so I was impressed when a beverage company engaged in a drink to sign the activities. I was still thinking, is the sign of the value of marketing tools just


actually not, with sina micro-blog, WeChat, public comment on LBS Technology >

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