Ma Yun the more complaints the harder it is to do business

Ma Yun believes that: the current globalization, only belong to the developed countries, not everyone’s globalization, the real globalization, should allow more people to enjoy the convenience brought by trade. The Internet should be the infrastructure to help young people and small and medium-sized enterprises develop. After the Internet is to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Great opportunities for rural electricity supplier. Just as twenty years ago that China’s IT infrastructure is too bad to do electricity supplier, and now complain more, the greater the chance.

following Ma speech finishing: (part)

first, the real globalization should allow more people to benefit from

I was invited to Switzerland for the winter Davos forum in 2011, and I’ve heard a lot of talk about social responsibility and opposition to globalization. At that time I wondered why so many people opposed to globalization, why so many people talk about social responsibility, and many of our enterprises are still difficult to survive. At that time I was thinking, in the end is right or wrong globalization, the enterprise should consider how to survive or should consider the future.

I used to do a lot of small business, almost all failed, because I have a bad record, so I was always rejected by investors. So I know it’s hard to do business.

what is real globalization? What is real global trade? How to make more people benefit from globalization?. In the past twenty years, we have been living in a highly globalized era, but I think this globalization is the globalization of multinational corporations. Because the developed countries and large enterprises to develop the rules of the game, the decision of all, who will benefit from the lead, so the current best is the hemisphere. The real globalization should let more people in need of the earth to feel the convenience of trade, the exchange of information, goods, money, free exchange of great changes in our lives.

The first time

technology revolution, Britain took fifty years to become a great power, the second technological revolution, the United States also spent fifty years to become the country, this technology revolution, I also believe that the need to spend fifty years time. Over the past twenty years is the development of the Internet technology revolution of twenty years, thirty years in the future is combined with the development of Internet and traditional business for thirty years, that is to say the next thirty years is the real take-off technology into thirty years.

there is a big difference in every technological revolution. The first industrial revolution is energy release, people’s power to become more powerful; the second industrial revolution is the energy release, make people farther and more durable; the industrial revolution is wisdom, the head of the release, will usher in a huge boost in human thinking, I think this is a human hitherto unknown opportunity.

three technological revolutions have different forms of business. The first technological revolution brought the factory, the second technological revolution created the company, this technological revolution, human beings will be in what form of commercial organization to show the world

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