SARFT Radio and television programs and advertising to disable network non standard words

– yesterday issued "notice concerning the use of the national common language specification for

radio and television programs and advertisements

– experts view, support the maintenance of the purity of the language, but don’t think it necessary to engage in

– Xinhua news agency in Beijing in November 27,

yesterday, the State Press and Publication Administration issued a notice, request various radio and television programs and advertisements should be strictly in accordance with the norms of writing and the meaning of the standard use of the national common language words, idioms, not free to replace the text, structural changes or misinterpret the meaning, not into the network language or foreign language freely in idioms that may not be used or introduced according to the network language, modeled on idioms coined words, such as "ten contingent refused to move people do not split the storm and so on.

notice that language problems there are still some radio and television programs and advertisements, such as tampering, indiscriminate use of idioms, the "perfect" to "Jin Shin Jigme, the" urgent "to" cough is slow ".


is not consistent with the "People’s Republic of China national language law" "radio and Television Management Ordinance" and other laws and regulations of the basic requirements, and to inherit and carry forward the traditional Chinese culture is contrary to the spirit of the public, especially minors will produce misleading, must be resolutely corrected.

radio and television popularization, regulate the use of the national common language, is the heritage of Chinese traditional culture and to enhance national cultural soft power strategy; set up cultural consciousness and cultural confidence and cultural self-improvement, specific initiatives to ensure the safety culture is the majority of the audience; audience to listen to the basic requirements of watching good radio and TV programs. The unique way of expression and inheritance of the country to promote the idioms in the language commonly used in radio and television to fully demonstrate its cultural spirit and the charm of language, not because of wanton change caused by the indiscriminate use of cultural dating and language disorder.

according to the notice, all radio and TV broadcasting to carry out self correction mechanism, investigation of radio and television programs and advertisements in the caption, image and voice, to strengthen the host, guests and other staff involved in the program to regulate the use of common language tips guide for the use of the national common language content shall be allowed to broadcast is not standardized.

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will be a comprehensive investigation on the Star comprehensive channel

tired tired do not love and other words are now in variety show

– Morning News reporter Chen Wen

online every year will emerge some strange and eccentric words, children get together last year is the emergence of a large number of four character words. In the face of these Internet users own words, someone is given a name – "post-modern idiom". Many netizens believe that these four words in the future will become a true idiom, and even for their writing a dictionary.

in many TV programs and, often can see the new network for > idiom.

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