To Amoy group Qiao village in CN top Larry domain

news review: as early as March 8th, media reports said, Zhejiang, a domain name investors, from a high price of the company’s acquisition of the company’s website domain name Therefore, before and after the domain name investors lasted a month, drove thousands of miles, labored, finally from the name "Tao beauty hands" ceramics enterprises successful acquisition of terminal.

April 11th

CN said, with twin commensurate with, 10 evening officially settled in CN shooting.


according to staff revealed that the domain name holder Lee, also brought by and gold group purchase meters meters friends love the, but Mr. Li the auction time seems a bit hasty, Geitao and tuanqiao of the auction time is only three days. Prior to the acquisition of compared with Lee, Lee seems to own the auction, and did not give too much attention.

and auction time setting is unreasonable, the auction period only for a day, tonight at 22:30 to shoot, when we asked Mr. Lee will auction the deadline set so short, will not reach your expected price? Mr. Li just only smiled but did not reply.

CN personnel also revealed that a few hours from the current 3 meters auction, 3 meters were quickly reach the recommended section, compared with some common domain name auction market, the situation is still optimistic than, but in the end can not meet Mr. Li’s psychological price, it is hard to say.

friendship to remind the majority of rice farmers, as the domain name auction deadline set point, this can let more people know to participate in the auction, the auction of such success is of great relevance.

in order to make the final success of the auction plan, announced the next 3 domain name auction address:

auction address:

auction address:

auction address:

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