Lei Jun the future of mobile CPU will run faster than PC


technology news December 3rd morning news, millet technology chairman Lei Jun attended the fourth annual meeting of entrepreneurs, he said in his speech, the mobile phone will replace PC and become the most commonly used public terminal, the future mobile phone on the CPU will run faster than PC.

The following is the speech: Lei

just about four years old this upheaval, I talk about one point four years of upheaval. First to four years today in the "entrepreneurs", has undergone tremendous changes.

I do this industry is called the mobile phone industry. The mobile phone industry is a big industry? A year market selling 1 billion 300 million mobile phone, every mobile phone even if we only need 1000 dollars, the market is 13000 yuan in the market, the market is a big market.

but we have never thought that such a large market in a few years, there have been tremendous changes. The original market of the world’s top five, the big names like NOKIA (micro-blog), Motorola (micro-blog), can encounter such great difficulty, is a mobile phone company has never done, do a mobile phone to upset. Think also seems unbelievable, this change, I feel no less than the "entrepreneurs" magazine as each of us read magazines brought shock.

what is the question I want to discuss today? Do you still remember when iPhone was released? In fact, just a few years ago, iPhone was released in 2007, iPhone is listed on the market in 2007, in July. Until now, only four years and a few months, the world has been completely overturned. Why don’t you get a iPhone phone that you have no face, we like Niu Wenwen to get a NOKIA phone will not face. So I was thinking, the world is really wonderful, a few years time to such a big change.

we see today is the question of why Apple has never done a mobile phone company, a total of up to now released five new mobile phone, the whole world in just a few years all the subversion? This is a huge industry, subversion in the country, this is not a very easy things. In the experience of all walks of life, in such a short time to an industry subversion so large, may also be the unique. I think we have a lot of views on iPhone, here I just want to tell you a little bit of their own point of view, we can see that I do not say. I was thinking, a mobile phone company has never done, do a mobile phone to subvert the entire mobile phone industry, here is why?

first, the entire mobile phone industry has entered the mobile Internet industry. Because in the mobile Internet industry, today’s mobile phone is more like a computer, more than the traditional phone. Or in other words, today’s mobile phone is actually a handheld computer, in other words, may be more exciting. This is what I have been talking about for a few years

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