September China Web site traffic index TOP10 Baidu ranked first

according to the latest data provided by Alexa, September 2010 Chinese website ranking traffic index, Baidu still topped the list in September, covering the number of users reached 104310 people, an increase of 4 percentage points over the previous month, far higher than the second QQ website. The QQ website in September the total traffic decreased by 1 percentage points, while Taobao in September the total number of visits amounted to 630117 times, there was no big difference with the previous month, while the number of users covered less than last month increased by 22 percentage points, ranked third, QQ overtook.


chart 1:9 China website visit index ranking

below, IDC review network with everyone to understand the chart 1 in China’s top ten sites:

1, Baidu



(Nasdaq: BIDU) is the world’s largest Chinese search engine, was founded in Beijing in January 2000 by Robin Li Xu Yong of Zhongguancun, two people, is committed to provide people with "simple, reliable way to obtain information. "Baidu" two words from China Song Dynasty poet Xin Qiji’s "Qing Yu An – Lantern Festival" poem: "he found the degreeses", a symbol of Baidu Chinese on information retrieval technology of the persistent pursuit.

2, QQ


QQ is a Internet based instant messaging (IM) software. Tencent QQ support online chat, video phone, point-to-point HTTP files, sharing files, network hard disk, custom panel, QQ mailbox etc, is one of the most widely used chat software.

3, Taobao


Taobao is Asia’s largest network of retail business, is committed to creating the world’s leading online retail business district, founded by Alibaba group in May 10, 2003. Taobao now business across C2C (personal to individual), B2C (business to individual) two.

4, sina


sina is a leading online media and value-added service provider in China and the global Chinese community. Has a number of regional sites to serve the Greater China region and overseas Chinese as its own responsibility, through its five main business lines to provide users with network services.



Google is an American listed company (public stock company), in September 7, 1998 as a private equity company

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