The project has not been promoted Have you tried these 4 tips

whether it is life or work, must be full of sincerity, is the so-called "to Jincheng mountains", in good faith and efforts you will certainly get paid. And blindly from their own purposes, do not consider the overall interests of both sides, often the two sides did not talk about the end of the important reasons.


in the work, we are more or less, will encounter several difficult items. There are a few things that seemed to run out of body energy, make over all the tricks, but the project is still not what progress. On the one hand, the project will be faced with the risk of delay, causing the loss of the department or the company; on the other hand, because of their poor driving, inevitably be reprimanded by the leadership, pressure alexander. So we have to promote their own projects have not been progress, we can think of any way out of the predicament, progress?

1/: the application of the project manager for lateral support

not long ago, I was responsible for the company’s a project, mainly to solve the problem has been plagued platform for a long time data statistics. Because the data involves multiple departments and the product interface, any interface generated by the bug, will lead to the overall data platform deviation. Because they do not understand technology, coupled with the project involves a large number of departments, they have been very hard to promote the development of various departments of the product research and development colleagues to solve the problem, but nearly half a month later, the project has been no progress. To this end, Boss or even an ultimatum, must be solved before X September X, otherwise it will affect the year-end performance.

finally, after the experience of colleagues pointing, I suggest that I can be involved in the project manager applicant company, thereby promoting the solution. I hold the last try mentality, and the project manager to communicate the background and current difficulties encountered, and soon got his support. The project manager, as the organizer and promoter of the various departments of the company’s product line, quickly coordinate the resources of various departments, to identify the responsible person, a clear time node. Next, I will list the requirements and synchronize the latest progress every day. All the difficulties have been overcome, plagued the platform for a long time to solve a variety of common bug. Ultimately, with less than a week, with the help of the project manager, I successfully completed the platform data statistics bug repair project.

is not difficult to find, if the scope of a project involves a broader, and their influence is not enough for the coordination of all people to solve the problem, can try to help lateral thinking, try to contact the project manager involved, together to promote solve. If you don’t have a project manager, you can also find a colleague who has more weight in other departments.

2/ vertical upgrade: request leadership support

still remember in front of the company, when the platform needs to be on the line before an important demand to support the subsequent expansion of online activities. As an operator, I am the first time

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