Curved electricity supplier Road Taobao to B2C to Taobao

no vane, eventually become mediocre. From 2010 to enter the electricity supplier online contact, at that time in the discussion is the first independent B2C or do Taobao, or both Amoy Amoy, the discussion is lively ah, all kinds of information used, dizzying. The final team chose Taobao, but after six months, after a variety of categories, a number of responsible person, the team gave up Taobao. Feel no doing. Think about it a year later, where there is no market to do, it is entirely their own reasons. Some time ago and a brand business channel friends for dinner, about two Taobao channels of their agents, the two companies are well-known operators Taobao, a sale of a more than another at the end of this shop is turned off, the same product completely different results, the reason the shop said, more than a year’s time to turn off the store for four or five, visible team stability is important, the most important multi brand operations team stability.

closed shop after the team chose independent B2C, after tossing 5 months, bidding and operation, with vigour and vitality to buy the domain name, please make a art, finally looked like a garbage station independent B2C mall, after thinking we still do not have the ability to operate a comprehensive ability in high site requirements. So I decided to stop again. Rome was not built in a day, independent B2C, from construction to success, need a long way to go. Holding the dream of becoming rich immediately to join the electricity supplier, advise you to be cautious. It has slipped away in the course of contacts, hundreds of thousands of.


experienced several times of toss and watching the struggle in the heart, little money, forced had once again set foot on the road of Taobao, a sub category can only accommodate a large player, only Baidu search, online trading platform only Taobao instant communication system, only WeChat, micro-blog and Sina are only second. The end of the road, open Internet the most incisive interpretation of the positioning theory. Go your own way, there’s no other way to go! I hope this time I can hold on to


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