Rhyme on double 11 mode of cross border delivery attention

news October 13th, billion state power network that rhyme express recently held a special meeting, study the deployment of the "express operation double 11" during the early opening of "double 11" mode. In order to double this year, 11, rhyme new reserves of more than 1000 vehicles and more than 1 people.

rhyme said, for this year’s "double 11" preparation, mainly focus on the smooth transport and express delivery, and hope that the majority of customers time and batch delivery.

date, rhyme delivery based on the full network of the original 20 thousand vehicles on, and through various channels and social resources reserves of 1000 vehicles, based on the original network 80 thousand delivery personnel, added 1 more than 10000 reserve personnel. The site, lease area of 50 thousand square meters, which can meet the express transport and delivery.

in addition, rhyme delivery will be through all kinds of cross-border delivery platform and is located in the United States, South Korea, Japan and other countries and regions of the service network for overseas customers with "double 11" cross-border delivery service.

rhyme express relevant responsible person said, double 11 is both the pressure on the enterprise, but also a test. But over the past several years "double 11" test, from both hardware and software and overall operation dispatching, rhyme delivery has accumulated rich experience, believe to be able to ensure "express safety and smooth operation of double 11" period.

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