Annual report on China’s copyright protection in 2015

[Abstract] China’s network copyright environment has improved significantly; the Internet industry competition rules related to network copyright disputes have become increasingly clear in practice and judicial trial.


Tencent science and technology news on April 26, 2016, China Institute of information and communications released the China copyright protection of the year in 2015 annual report. The report notes that in 2015, China’s network copyright protection made significant progress. Pay more attention to the cultural industry and intellectual property rights, has made a series of important deployment, industrial policy environment continues to be optimized, better, Internet culture, creative fusion and other factors, further boost the transformation and upgrading of the national economy. In this context, the network copyright protection to usher in new tasks, new opportunities.

report that in 2015 the "Internet plus" has brought a new round of reform and innovation in the Internet industry, "Internet plus" action plan, the construction of "digital Chinese", under the impetus of economic development to share, "crossover" and "fusion" has become the new trend of industrial development. "Internet plus" has brought a new round of reform and innovation in the Internet industry, become economic growth, optimizing the structure of the new power. "IP" has become "development of the main line and core Internet plus culture" value, "Pan entertainment" ecological construction industry of the whole industry chain layout content.

report that actively guide the high-pressure situation in 2015 and the "net" network copyright key regulatory work, China’s network copyright environment improved significantly; the competition rules associated with the network copyright disputes and judicial practice in the Internet industry in the increasingly clear; the rights of people using a variety of ways to actively rights, mutual action and cooperation in the Internet enterprises.

in terms of legislative protection, China has further promoted the national intellectual property strategy, legislative and judicial interpretation work has been strengthened, the network copyright law system has been improved. The criminal law amendment (nine), which was implemented in November 1, 2015, increased the important provisions of copyright protection, and made clear the criminal responsibility of the Internet to help People’s Republic of China. In view of the current copyright issues in the field of network, the national copyright administration has issued relevant policies and regulations. January 8, 2015, the State Press and Publication Administration of radio issued the "guidance on promoting the healthy development of network literature". In April 22nd, the State Copyright Bureau issued the "notice" on the standardization of network copyright reprint order, issued in July 8th "on the ordered online music service providers to stop without notice" authorized music, October 14th issued the "notice on regulating the order of the" SkyDrive services copyright. The release of these documents plays an important role in regulating the copyright order in the key areas.

in terms of judicial protection, in 2015 a total of 2118 Internet copyright related civil judgments and rulings, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 28.3%. In 2015, the network copyright civil case presents some new features: from the field of the case of the industry, the number of copyright disputes in the field of network music is larger, and the type of network infringement cases is the most

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