Dangdang and shop No 1 Alliance each other settled open platform

March 5th afternoon news, Dangdang and 1 shop today announced a strategic cooperation, mutual settled open platform for each other, their official flagship store has been put into operation.

according to reports, Dangdang official flagship store in store No. 1 Dangdang Dangdang sales of the main category, the number of stores in the flagship store opened in the main store sales number 1,, self catering food, beverages, etc..

Yu Gang, chairman of

1 stores, said the expansion category alone is far from enough, settled merchants will enhance the abundance of goods in store 1. According to reports, the number 1 shop platform settled merchants reached 20000.

Dangdang is also the No. 1 store introduced the first large-scale B2C integrated electricity supplier, the two sides said they did not rule out cooperation in more areas, such as the introduction of the other party’s own brand, etc..

in fact Dangdang has begun to implement please come in, go out strategy, and this strategy is very obvious for Dangdang books and department stores pull.

dangdang.com senior vice president Yao Danqian said that the business platform is one of the fastest developing business Dangdang, the average growth rate of about 150%, is currently assigned to the business marketing and support services to enhance the Dangdang service platform has also been launched, will drive the platform growth continued development.

Dangdang according to 2013 Q4 earnings, Dangdang formally return to the electricity supplier profit track, net profit of 21 million 700 thousand yuan, profit margin of up to $1.1%, net income of $1 billion 972 million, including platform revenue of $3 billion 667 million.

data show that in the fourth quarter of 2013 Dangdang Book growth of 28%, an increase of 100 percent clothing day to reach a total of more than the size of the department store, accounting for the overall revenue of dangdang. Expected in 2013 Dangdang clothing category sales are expected to exceed the book.

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