Wangzhuan is the core of network marketing

I once told you said Wangzhuan is Internet marketing. If you are advertising alliance, you need visitors to your site to trigger advertising behavior to get commission. If you sell products, you need to let more people know that your product is likely to buy. If you sell your skills or services, you also need to get more employers to know you, to know you, and to hire you. So whether you are what kind of Wangzhuan mode, need other users to browse your website or advertising. So the fundamental core of network marketing is higher.

of course, the difference is that the purpose and objectives of marketing is different. Here’s a simple.

we take A5 for example, A5 is a webmaster type website, his profit model including advertising, products and services three. And the value of the site itself is transformed. Simply point, a webmaster will often find some webmaster related articles and tutorials to read, then as a webmaster type website portal – A5, naturally became the first choice of the webmaster. Because it can appear every day a number of high quality articles and tutorials. Gradually these webmasters have become a loyal customer A5. So A5 also gradually to the webmaster a authority, brand image. Naturally let the webmaster to accept the authority of the portal is the A5 advertising.

so, in the A5 home page to sell advertising naturally became a choice of some advertisers. In order to put their own advertising. At the same time, A5 official domain name, host and other products have become the choice of the majority of the owners. Of course, some of the services provided by A5, such as transaction intermediaries, Adsense navigation, etc..

above is the A5 network marketing effect and profit model. Below I take an ordinary A5 user’s point of view to simply analyze some of the A5 marketing model.

first A5 in the beginning with its unique vision on the cake and the webmaster exchange intermediary, has its good service now. At the same time, it provides a lot of webmaster resources and an integrated communication platform (also recently released the webmaster navigation), so gradually it became the webmaster of the mind of the portal. This is brand marketing. Then we know that if only a brand would not be user stickiness increased to maximum, then A5 every day to provide the latest valuable articles and tutorials, and provide transaction intermediary services at low cost, to the forum as the basis, so that the user stickiness was improved. I believe that a lot of webmasters will do things every day is to go to the A5 to see the latest advice and to the forum to see if there is no cheap good goods, at least I am such a. This is the content of marketing, it can be said that the quality of survival, of course, A5 can not be said to survive". In April this year, A5 launched the third search engine optimization contest, that is, the recent fire of the valley of excellence, although the reward for these SEO masters who are not very rich, but this is the whole

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