1 prostitutes 2 clients a successful web site should be

07 years WEB2.0 experience winter, profit model fuzzy, customer loyalty is low, VC enthusiasm faded, though he appealed to the Wenyi WEB2.0 takes time, but in fact many WEB2.0 sites do not rely on the accumulation of time can come to live, at the same time, a few websites still can be in a relatively short period of time to live and live wang.


and friends to a meal that what kind of website to be successful, have some experience.

1, prostitute website

this kind of website to traditional WEB1.0 website as the representative, the mentality of the whole website is basically a prostitute mentality, the so-called prostitutes mentality is prostitutes themselves all dressed up, wearing gold and silver, eclectic exposure, every feature of the temptation, from one side show their most attractive. The purpose is to attract clients, but even if the jewelry cosmetics clothes every day for prostitutes, or old age, only like Wei Chunhua tells Wei Xiaobao what young guy once visited her clients.

2, whoremaster website

At present, most of the WEB2.0

website belongs to this kind of website, clients attitude is the option to clients, you want to choose what kind of girl you said, you find yourself, I do not care. I am my own clients hold, banner, pick one, feel uncomfortable, another one. But in the end found clients pick tired, the beginning is quite exciting, because of freedom, but eventually found their own pick is a tired thing, a 2 site in principle, you can free to find tens of thousands of girl, but eventually relationship is few, the find but may not have a prostitute website to give you a good push. So, gradually, the new sense of the past, the user will not have fun.

3, brothel website

I think a really good website should be a brothel. The brothel website is different from prostitutes and their clients type website, it is good to learn the advantages of both before and has her own unique advantages. On the one hand, the prostitutes show it, because only the best show, clients can know you here what goods, on the other hand, it is sufficient to clients free, it plays a role in the middle of the procuress. It would be like to recommend clients which miss good, also ask their clients needs "are you trying to find a full point or delicate point, oh, love the handsome, 6, very suitable for you, then give the recommended according to user needs.

in addition, it will also follow the statistical analysis of customer needs, give the relevant recommendations in time, you like the number 8 today to ask for leave, with her style of about 18, you should also like, or try". Clients and prostitutes once connected to the head, she on the matter, but she is in charge of money.

in order to ensure clients customer loyalty, it will continuously update every time to miss, let clients either want to find old good or want to taste fresh, can.

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