4 by the Tencent to invest in the tourism network the domain name restless

renamed China (eName.cn) December 22nd news, online travel money King unlimited, let BAT giants flocked. Recently, mobile travel community announced by the Tencent of bread travel led a $50 million C round of financing, this is the strategic investment in elong, the same way, led my interest travel after the Tencent in the field of online travel fourth investment. The reason to attract Tencent investment, in addition to the site itself has the characteristics, web enabled domain name is a running out.

figure: eLong

elong: combinatorial domain elong.com creative?

May 2011, Tencent by the elong investment of approximately $84 million 400 thousand, purchased elong newly issued shares, eLong accounted for approximately 16% of the total number of shares, becoming the second largest shareholder. But in recent years, eLong has not been optimistic about the 2014 quarter of the total revenue of 323 million 500 thousand yuan, an increase of only $2%, while the net loss expanded year on year, the situation can be seen for all to see.

elong website enable is the combination of the domain name elong.com, the domain name from "art" homophone "e" + "dragon" pinyin "long" and. All along, there is no lack of some terminal enabled creative combination of domain name and the aftermath of the case, some sites often because the user can not remember the domain name and the loss of customers, regret.

after so many years of brand management, domain name elong.com has been popular, but the lack of development of Larry domain is always elong lay hidden. So in 2012, eLong has experienced several twists and turns, and finally bought "Yilong" double spell domain name yilong.com, is "too late", it also proved that elong attention to domain name, click on the jump to the domain name domain name elong.com.

with the way travel: ten thousand Yuan Hao buy LY.com

May 2012, the same way network has received tens of millions of yuan investment Tencent, in February this year, Tencent, Bo Yu, Yuan Wo three institutions of a new round of financing of $five hundred million. In April this year, eLong and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the process, I do not know whether the two cooperation between Tencent thrust behind the


the same way network was established in 2004, together with the tour’s official website domain name 17u.com, which also protects the 17u.cn/.net domain, in addition, Larry domain tongcheng.com in 2011 the same way network acquisition, it also in March this year, invested 10 million yuan acquisition of "tourism" 2 letter domain name LY.com, and renamed with the way tourism".

the same way network from the year to spend 10 thousand yuan to buy the official domain name 17u.com, later purchased by seven digit price Larry domain tongcheng.com against Ctrip Larry domain, to 10 million yuan acquisition of LY.com, on the surface is the acquisition and replacement of the domain name, the essence is the same way.

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