Ali’s war the collision of business wisdom and political views

Alipay and WeChat yesterday the outbreak of the red war, let Ali again stood in front of public opinion. 121 store analysis of the two sides of the war, both are focused on the end of the red envelopes war. WeChat and Alipay pay both would like to take this opportunity to develop their own user base, develop habits. Not to mention WeChat and Alipay on the outcome, red hair more and more consumers are welcome. But Ali again stood on its own development in the teeth of the storm is not without sequelae.

A review of the

and Taobao Industrial and Commercial Bureau head back and forth arm wrestling news last week with the major media, affected by the negative effects, resulting in Ali shares nearly two days on the evaporation of $33 billion. The incident in January 30th, met with the Secretary General Ma, the two sides reached an understanding subsided. However, the negative impact of this incident on Ali will be long-term, the future because of this incident is a lot of negative events fuse may be plagued by ali. Analysis of the industry, the price of the shares due to the collapse of Ali Ali and his team to deepen the reform of China’s general direction, the trend is not thorough enough understanding. Today, MA in Hongkong and in Hong Kong Youth Exchange, has put forward the Taobao is not fake goods of net of a new point, this is a kind of business intelligence is a concept, but it is certain that is not politics promotion.

we know that in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the decision, a clear two elements: first, to enhance market position, that is, to determine the allocation of resources by the market. Two is the government will redefine its own functions, to a large number of decentralization or even cancel the approval authority, government functions will be transferred from the past pre-approval into the post supervision. To put it simply, that is, from the past Yan Jinkuan out into wide into the strict out.

"decision" although pointed out that the power of resource allocation to the market, the government’s original approval authority to cancel or decentralization, but the government can not ignore the market. Otherwise, as China is far from mature market economy, there will be barbaric, primitive market competition, it will hurt the long-term economic development. Therefore, the government decentralization of approval authority, will strengthen the monitoring and supervision of the market, the government will not let the market out of control. Of course, after the change, the market operators in the past loose business environment does not exist, the market under the standardization of the past operators will have a less adaptive stage. The market environment is "strict easy out", and now have to face is "strict". Market participants market access threshold is greatly reduced, such as SAIC government departments, the need to strengthen supervision and regulation. For business operators, it is necessary to adapt to the new market environment, the strengthening of state regulation.

The rapid development of mobile

and occupy a larger market share, we should understand to conform to the Chinese direction, deepening the reform trend, based on the market environment to provide appropriate products and services is a permanent solution. According to iResearch data show that in 2014 the total amount of China Mobile shopping transactions in China’s online shopping market accounted for 33%, representing an increase of nearly 19>

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