Shop 1 secret details of the transformation of the logistics chain

four years ago, just in the global purchasing vice president of DELL, Liu Junling is the president of the Chinese mainland and Hongkong, DELL, and now, the former became Shanghai’s No. 1 shop chairman, which is the. In 2007, when just and Liu Junling plans to do an online supermarket, a lot of people around is not optimistic. At that time, large and small, vertical class electricity supplier comprehensive online retail and innumerable, is considered to be a yinggutou. But after four years, shop No. 1 has become the fastest China electricity company, before the three year growth rate reached 192 times, sales of 805 million yuan from 2008 up to 2010 4 million 170 thousand yuan, the 2011 sales amounted to 2 billion 720 million yuan. Their entrepreneurial story, Walton business school has been cited as a case of MBA courses.

1 shop business model is not gorgeous: commodity price is lower than the traditional supermarket 3%-5%, more than 150 thousand kinds of categories is probably a WAL-MART or Carrefour stores up to 6 times. In the distribution, most of the Beijing Tianjin Tangshan City, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, and Wuhan is the next day arrival, in Shanghai, Beijing and other first-tier cities, and up to half a day, the customer decides the time of receipt of "time" and "three day delivery" mode, which belongs to the 1 shop "supply chain innovation" — in just that, to improve the supply chain management is the key of business competition, which is also one of the secret shop No. 1 high growth.

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Shop No. 1 is just the second venture. His first venture was in 1994 in the United States to do aviation management software, covering almost all of the major U.S. airlines. At DELL, just to know Liu Junling, they often chat in the lunch party. The spring of 2007, Liu Junling to just put forward business idea, the two hit it off. 8 months later, they have left DELL. First, in the city of Shanghai, Pudong New Area Building No. 295 Zuchongzhi road is less than 10 square meters of the room, a table, two people sit face to face for 4 months, personally do market research, write a business plan. In order to promote the site, two people are still in the subway station and the district made advertising. We found in the survey, vertical e-commerce sites to a certain stage must be horizontal expansion, then, they tend to encounter obstacles." So, the two decided to do a comprehensive online retail platform. July 2008, shop No. 1 on-line. "Stay at home, to provide one-stop home shopping solutions for customers", which is the core of the 1 shop business model. This is not only an online supermarket, but also provides booking tickets, pay utilities, credit card payments and other virtual value-added services, as well as 1 medical network, the number of drugs, such as network channels, customer groups are mostly 25-40 years old urban white-collar."

‘s career in Amazon and DELL has just given more attention to the user experience, and the details tend to determine the customer experience and then affect whether the consumer. To this end, the 1 store market research firm to do a normal customer experience survey, according to the weekly recovery of the questionnaire to improve. For example, there are customer reports, meters and noodles, etc.

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