National 7 ministries jointly punish illegal online illegal trading

yesterday, the Ministry of public security, State Administration for Industry and commerce, the Ministry of Commerce, China Banking Regulatory Commission and other 7 ministries issued a notice on the Internet, on firearms and ammunition, eavesdropping equipment, toxic chemicals and other contraband illegal online transactions concentrated rectification, enterprises and individuals to participate in online trading contraband will be blacklist".

focus on remediation, the industry and commerce departments responsible for the implementation of online advertising close supervision, once found illegal sale of the site, immediately notify the telecommunications sector banned websites. At the same time, the company said the sale of contraband on the Internet one by one to verify, verify the authenticity of the enterprise and the specific scope of business, not registered will be banned, the scope of the operation of the rectification.

postal department key regulatory express market, prohibited by courier channels send contraband, otherwise it will be disqualified for rectification until the delivery of business delivery services. The telecommunications sector will be a joint police, the territory of the site to conduct a comprehensive clean-up, monitoring, delete online contraband sales information.

said the 7 departments who participate in contraband online trading companies and individuals, will be credited to the "black list", and by the CBRC and the business sector of the "black list" of the corresponding risk classification, key monitoring and risk warning. It is understood that the Ministry of Commerce will also consider the timely introduction of administrative regulations to regulate online transactions.


seven ministries against the blacklist system contraband online trading

is a focus on illegal contraband trading online siege operations will be staged.

yesterday, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the Ministry of Commerce and other seven ministries jointly issued a "notice" on the further strengthening of remediation work of contraband illegal online trading activities, plan of centralized consolidation order network security management order and the production and operation of contraband.

it is worth noting that the seven ministries for the first time the introduction of illegal online illegal trading blacklist system. Is the enterprise and individual to participate in contraband online transactions are entered into the "black list", timely notify the banking department and the administrative department for Industry and commerce, and the "black list" of the corresponding risk classification, key detection and risk warning. It is reported that the move will facilitate the Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the Ministry of public security, Ministry of information industry, the food and drug administration, the CBRC to share online sales of contraband and personal information and Post Bureau seven ministries, timely investigation of the site, companies and network operators in accordance with the division of responsibilities.

officials said the Ministry of Commerce, in the renovation work, the Ministry of Commerce will cooperate with relevant departments to strengthen the online trading activities of the standard, to further improve and clarify the basic rules and requirements of online transactions, online transactions involved in the rights and obligations of the parties, and the relevant departments to implement regulatory responsibilities, standardized management of online transactions. The official said, when conditions are ripe, the Ministry of Commerce will consider the introduction of appropriate administrative regulations.

notice also pointed out that the establishment of a long-term mechanism to improve the illegal trading of illegal goods online remediation work, the Department of the Department of supervision of contraband, will be prohibited under the management of the network

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