Help is fast forward to death China less nternet farce

text / repair division will not throw books

a company litigation 16 straight news already let people terrified, but a browser today to help users to skip the video website put up a pageantry propaganda advertisement, but people have mixed feelings, you never know exactly where the lower limit of China Internet Corporation.

of course, according to Chinese Internet habits, they give their name in accordance with the practice of the crown for the sake of users, as if they put the user as a god of pure and noble, it seems that the 72 virgins promised even heaven is not; of course, according to the Chinese users disposition, definitely will appear a large number of fans of this browser for the banner, and discredit the opponents and skeptics more; of course, according to the Chinese Internet public relations practice, there must be some genuine and sincere sweet touching the extent of encroaching the hottest Korean paper thrown to safeguard the interests of users, from the protection of the interests of the company, small and medium sized business, large enterprises and other powers to fight evil posture to apologize.

such a farce, in China’s Internet world is still staged less


but the miracle of China is that such a farce is always repeated again and again in three.

seems to be in the eyes of some people, the so-called user interest is, allowing users to take advantage of, do not pay any price to enjoy the service, so they are eager to help the user to put up a pageantry advertisement; think users are energy-saving lower body animal, and then put some website onto the front of the user, the degree of enthusiasm according to the user’s IP address with a pack of toilet paper.

what they want is installed capacity and market share, they just want the earnings figures, as to whether such behavior will cause what kind of impact on the environment, what caused the provider pressure on other services, although aware of the interest, but they still always put a pair of affection for the people attitude, to represent the fundamental interests of the people out of a set of attitudes between the lines full of malicious plan — of course, Chinese has always been the most enthusiastic proficient in this play the most.

has now opened Youku website for more than 7 years, until the third quarter of 2013, it is still at a loss burn, single quarter loss of more than 200 million yuan, the 2012 losses of more than 400 million yuan, in addition to membership, advertising, it is almost no other source of income, while paying members is still in the trial stage of the situation go, relying on traffic advertising into a basic means of subsistence domestic video website. Even the leading boss Youku are overwhelmed by the situation, it is conceivable that the domestic video site is exactly what kind of situation.

yes, all domestic video website advertising is garbage, its quality is still at the level of flash during the period of Cuihua sauerkraut, its content outside the "greasy sister", the relative YouTube can skip ads, we must endure 45 seconds, 60 seconds of life is.

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